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Charles writes: What we see in The Last of Us 2 is the repercussions of these choices. Joel and Ellie live in relative peace for a few years within Tommy’s settlement but, like with most of us in life, their past catches up to them. A sequel was always going to be risky since the ambiguity of the first game’s ending is what made it so impactful. The Last of Us 2 feels like it does enough to warrant taking the risk of tainting the original ending but it does not stick the landing with the same success as the first game.

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anast33d ago

This is a well written review, it offers where the review felt the pacing was off and gave reasons why the reviewer felt the story lacked the same amount of depth as the first one and it didn't come with any pretentious attempts at witty comparisons.

However, I almost stopped reading after the 3rd paragraph, as the reviewer discredited his or her own work. Why should I trust your review? But I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept going.

This review is a solid 8.5/10

Shiken33d ago

Did...did you just score a review with its own numbered score based on the same scale they score the games?

Not bashing, it just me me laugh lol.

anast33d ago

Someone has to review the reviewer.