F1 2020 (PS4) Review - The Winning Formula | Finger Guns

Greg @ FG: This year's entry in the fast paced world of Formula One is staggeringly in-depth. But will it have the same appeal to newcomers? The Finger Guns review.

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DaniMacYo27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I’m enjoying this just like last year. But I’m liking this years much more. It’s more satisfying driving the cars and not spinning out so easily with the touch of the throttle, or curbs. It’s more forgiving this yeah with grip and traction. I will say I’m enjoying the F2 cars more this time around they are a challenge to drive and it’s fun.

The 94 Benetton is such a slippery car it’s difficult with traction, 91 Jordan is similar, the 95 B195 is kinda half the difficulty of the 94 car and F2000 is a joy. F2004 is less understeering than last years game. Lots of improvements across the entire game it’s a great F1 game imo.

27d ago