The Witcher Series Showed the Consequences of Discrimination; Cyberpunk 2077 Shows Same Vibe

CD Projekt RED Game Director Adam Badowski shares how the issues of tolerance are treated in their key videogames and what to expect in upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

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medman31d ago

CD Projekt putting in work. As usual.

ZeroBlue231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I like how they depict this sort of thing in Witcher, they don't virtue signal, they just show the dark reality that everyone is flawed, and real life issues are never as black and white as the depictions you might see in the media. Witcher 2 handled this especially well with the elves.

LucasRuinedChildhood31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

The Witcher games aren't very black and white but part of the reason that they can get away with exploring politics is because they're in a fantasy setting. This makes it easier for people to be more open-minded and to accept the portrayals of characters.

How could Cyberpunk 2077 tackle, e.g. cops being racist and killing innocent black people, in a way that you wouldn't consider virtue signalling without justifying their actions?

"I'm not saying Floyd deserved to die, but these blacks you see, they're not as innocent as the media says they are! Blacks commit more crimes! One of my colleagues died at the hands of a black thug! It's rough out there being a cop. We're not even allowed to do our jobs anymore!!! These people have no respect. They don't care about justice -they just want to destroy America!" [Geralt reconsidered his political positions and sided with law enforcement]

tinchotin31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I would assume CP2077 world is over skin color discrimination, and more towards artificial enhancement, social class, and faction discrimination.

Rachel_Alucard30d ago

People have been trying to force real world agendas in things that have nothing to do with it wherever they want it. Even in Witcher 3 I can recall people trying to equate the developers are racist just because there were no black people, or getting offended that the bad guys called Ciri a B*tch and a Wh*re, yet it was perfectly fine to call Geralt a Freak and a Mutant, or Geralt being the embodiment of toxic masculinity just because he was calm and level headed.

Even now I've seen people trying to claim how racist it is to call a gang "The Animals" just because they are primarily black. They were in the table-top, but now it's suddenly racist, even though nobody except them claimed it was. They will always look for fights thinking it's solving things regardless of the aftermath.

Nacho_Z31d ago

I love stuff that explores the grey areas of morality and it's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most from Cyberpunk. I'm not sure there's anyone better at it in gaming.