What Comes After Switch? Nintendo Discusses Plans For Future Game Consoles

Could we get a Switch 2?

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RosweeSon24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Yeah pretty certain it won’t be all that far out either 15-27 months MAX I can’t see it not being out before holidays 2022 latest. They done all their big hitters they got BOTW2 coming and this rumoured Mario collection don’t think personally well see another Mario kart this gen 8 (deluxe) still selling and deservedly so it really is a brilliant game and one of the best in the series think they will save next one for next gen 10? (Counting MK tour as 9) i think they can might and probably will but this is Nintendo and you just never know.
One thing for sure they’ll sell as many millions as they can make currently but they won’t rest on their laurels I’m sure they cooking up some more major gaming gold, not too excited about paper Mario myself but sure they got stuff planned for run up to Christmas and early next year.

Switch 2.0 2022 Full BC (they’ll just use same carts again) similar set up just proper pimped out 🤞🏻🤓 never gonna be a ps5 in your pocket but I’d take a PS4 pro 🤞🏻😂 just not as noisy please 🥴😜

addictedtochaos24d ago

Except Nintendo has stated they want the Switch to have a 7 year life span minimum.

RosweeSon23d ago

Having a switch 2.0 in couple years doesn’t mean original just dies they supported 3ds for another year or so if not 2 was out for 9 years pretty standard for their handhelds... home console and switch is just that for me a home console I can take with me but more to the point their home consoles never last more than 4-6 years mainly due to the limited power needed replacing/upgrading and they don’t make 3 mario karts smash bros etcs per gen. if switch 2.0 is BC and it 99% will be then the old one can run for another year or so alongside no probs cheaper alternatives and all that ;) Nintendo have too many great ideas to ride things out for years and years plus they won’t wanna be too far behind ps5/XSX can’t wait myself.

GoodGuy0924d ago

Id like to see another hybrid switch type of console. It worked very well for nintendo so why not a switch 2? Cant believe its already been 3 years since launch.

Tross24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Well, history tells us that although Nintendo has made every console different from the last, their handheld systems tend to have at least a short lineage. We had the Gameboy line and the DS line. So, if the Switch falls into the handheld category, the Switch could be the first in a new line of systems (Lite aside, as it's more or less a variant of the current Switch). Perhaps Switch will be the name of the line. I think there's a good chance of that happening, not just because of past history, but because the Switch has been phenomenally successful. It's just worth noting that it's not without precedence.

RosweeSon23d ago

Yeah for sure Nintendo always change the rules and it is most unlike them to just do a SNES2 or whatever but yeha like you said Switch has been a big success for them like original Wii hence with got a WiiU. Think they’ll avoid the letters on the end but 2.0 I reckon so 😜✌🏻😂 is happily take a next gen switch pimped out

iofhua223d ago

Agreed. Instead of having two libraries for two markets they combined everything onto one device. I think they should keep the idea of a portable with a TV hookup.

Though I wonder what Nintendo would do with a VR headset. They're creative and I wonder what they would do with that. They might ditch TV entirely if they do that.

nowitzki200424d ago

I would personally trade the portability for a better console. I dont play portable at all.

TheEnigma31324d ago

A dedicated home console isn’t lucrative for Nintendo anymore.

TheColbertinator24d ago

Online gaming and 4K hopefully

Felix_Argyle_Catbro24d ago

Their new console should aim for 60fps and above instead of 4K...

Nitrox23d ago

Developers set the frame rates, not consoles. Any console I’m aware of can display 60fps.

I’m with you though. I really wish more games would give up a little bit of the extra flashy effects to provide a rock solid smooth frame rate.

Visceral8923d ago

You all are dreaming, Nintendo has said they have no interest interest in 4k. I don't think they will have a 4k console until it's cheap and easy to do, maybe 8-10 years from now. I also don't see Nintendo going for 1440p or above 60fps. Next System will probably be 1080p 60fps

ThatArtGuy24d ago

I'm still waiting for a new Game Boy after they said the DS was "just an experiment."

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