Repetitive tasks in big open worlds are all I want right now

A huge map smothered by question marks has become comforting, not exhausting.

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anonymousfan30d ago

I still feel AC games have too much boring filler... But reading this made me reconsider to some degree. When I play a racing game I can do the same or similar tracks over and over again if the driving is fun and the challenge is adequate... I guess a good open world can have plenty of repetition as long as the combat is satisfying and the world is fun to explore... However I still feel as though the combat in AC games or even the Witcher 3 actually is not very satisfying to warrant 100 hrs of gameplay.

Rangerman120828d ago

I agree. I don't mind repetition as long as the gameplay provides different layers of excitement and isn't just "do this one thing over and over again to beat the game".

DrDeath28d ago

Yes witcher gameplay didnt warrant the run time. Did not play the best. Very cool world and characters

rainslacker28d ago

I usually find that stuff distracting to the game, and in some games levels your character to make it less challenging. I like stuff that isnt repetitive though. Things tied into the main story and dont boil down to simple task or fetch quest stuff. Some of that is ok, just not if its overwhelming.

EazyC28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Sim racing games are very unique though as they demand an extreme level of concentration over long periods, despite their 'repetitive' nature. It's almost a 'zen'-like feeling.

REDGUM27d ago

Borderlands games does this in the best way for me, the repetitive quests are highlighted with great action, humour, challenges etc.
There's something special about the borderlands series.

Zarock27d ago

So did Breath of the Wild which was boring as hell.

Tross26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yeah...I suppose AC games are ok recommendations to those who can only afford one game and want to get as much out of it as they can, but while I do occasionally go for 100% completion in games, that's almost never something I do with AC games.

It usually doesn't take long for me to figure out what side content seems like an interesting enough diversion and what seems like a complete waste of time. Like, bruh, if I want a management sim there are far more engaging options out there. I just want to stealth kill guards, and progress through a semi-engaging story while learning some history. Is that too much to ask?

Thankfully the player can usually just ignore all that pointless side stuff, and we're left with a game that's usually alright. I'd be remiss if I said that AC games were in any way the pinnacle of open world games, but they have their moments.

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sushimama29d ago

Just stop with the collectible BS. I'm sick of collecting crap in open world games.

Nitrowolf228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'm fine with them as long as they are all revealed
I hate playing an open world game with 200 plus collectibles but they don't tell you where any are. Like you really expect me to play for hours blindly, hoping i got all the collectibles in one area and move on to the next.
I get it, meant to make you want to explore, but I find highlighting where they are forces devs to make areas interesting

iofhua228d ago

I'm the same. I've never gotten 100% of the hidden item in any game. The exception being RE5, and only because a friend forced me to play co-op with him through the whole thing and he used a walkthrough to find every one of those blue disc thingys.

I like how breath of the wild did it. You only need to find a fraction of the koroks to expand your inventory to the point it's useful. Finding most of them isn't necessary, and finding all of them is a stupidly monumental task that gets you a pile of poo. Kudos to Nintendo for this.

EazyC28d ago

Yeah but don't you like climbing to the top of these identical towers to claim a small fragment of the map 40 times?

I love that.

Good-Smurf27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I wished they give those collectibles a rest and give us back game modifiers aka cheats or special features and modes instead.
That's the biggest reason I just stopped playing open world games,it was a chore trying to find parts or audio tapes in JC3 just to unlock really good stuff in the game and it gets worse if it's really useful weapon mods and they take too long to unlock.
If you're going to make us collect shits at least make it fun and rewarding.

27d ago
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Rangerman120828d ago

To quote from one guy, repetitive tasks like kill x amount of enemies or collect x are okay as long as the gameplay is fun or if task itself is at the very least interesting, gameplay wise or story wise.

Poopmist28d ago

Those are incredibly dull

terminallyCapricious28d ago

Breath of the wild was the first game I played that had typical repetitive quests/side collectibles that never really bothered me and actually had a bit of fun with.

averagejoe2627d ago

I wish I felt that way. It was just another repetitive open world with no story.

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