Intellivision Amico is a really different type of console

Industry veteran (and ex-Microsoft CTO) J Allard told a lof of details about upcoming console Intellivision Amico.

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rlow1238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

If it's priced right, could be cool. As always, games are what will determine it's fate.

Einhander1971238d ago

Yes looks great, but price and games will make or break it .

Tiqila238d ago

It looks great. Really loving the couch multiplayer aspect and the games' simplicity. But I'm worried about the controllers and I frankly don't want to get another console :( Why not Nintendo makes more of such simple, fun multiplayer games? Or Sony/MS for that matter... Man... I don't know if I can resist, but I need to now how the controls work first (massively worried about the fact that you can use a smartphone as regular controller...)

King_Noctis238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

It’ll be great if a company step up as a true 4th alternative. So far we have (or had) Ouya, Google Stadia, Atari VCS, and Amico, none of which are viable as a real alternative.