MadWorld hits Europe in March

LiveWii : "It is now confirmed by Nintendo Europe that MadWorld will be released in March 31, 2009 for the Wii. The game should also contain all the stuff wanted by PlatinumGames like violence, blood and no censorship."

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Hellsvacancy4929d ago

So i can play Madworld it looks fun

Maxned4929d ago

Nintendo Power said that you can send a trumpet up a guy's butt, and when he runs around he plays a tune. :)

Hellsvacancy4929d ago

Yep thats me sold if your tellin the truth hehehe

A trumpet up your back side - Classic

TheColbertinator4929d ago

I think Platinum Games could deliver a surprise hit with this one.Its definitely hardcore gaming with a great art concept

mastiffchild4929d ago

Having only seen clips on the tiny boxes on GT I'm hoping that the art style(which I really like) will be clearer when it comes to playing the game on my big screen as on the trailers I find it hard to follow the action very well. That aside it looks really refreshing and along with The Conduit means a big spring for Sega as publishers on the Wii and a few games for the core gamers starved so far of third party goodies on the console. HoTD and Fatal frame should be soon after these as well so finally there'll be a few games to look forward to.