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Sony invests $250 million in Fortnite maker Epic Games

Sony has invested $250 million for a minority stake in Fortnite maker Epic Games, the companies announced today. With the new money, Epic Games has raised $1.83 billion to date. The companies said the deal cements an already close relationship between the two companies and reinforces the shared goal to advance the state of the art in technology, entertainment, and socially connected online services.

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Community76d ago
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Daniel218376d ago

What games have epic released recently ? All I can think of is fortnite ?

moongrim76d ago

Its the only one they need apparently.

Fantangoooo76d ago

It does make a crap ton for them in revenue

SierraGuy76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Rocket league?!!

That must be a cash cow 🐄.

Unspoken75d ago

See that comment marked spam up above?

Censorship at its finest. Exclusively on N4G with superfast loading of down votes and flagging the truth. Echo chambers can't get any better than this.

Epic is laughing all the way to the bank with Sony's 💰. I don't want to say I told ya so...but...🙄

Man, Sony fans have to be in such a dillusioned state, I think they are going to need some hugs after this one.

Babadook775d ago (Edited 75d ago )


What are you talking about? This partnership is beneficial for both companies. The cash helps Epic, and in turn Sony will make profit on their investment. Nothing wrong there. Furthermore Epic and Sony informed each other regarding next gen, for years. Thats a big win for both there too, and theres nothing wrong with any of that. Unless you're an xbox fan boy of course.

As for your comment marked spam. Many people are using the system to silence opposition. Which bites. I didn't see it but I only mark actual spam as spam.

darthv7275d ago

@dook... Epic is part owned by Tencent. If they need $$ they just get it from them. And MS also paid more than sony for the use of UE over the course of three console generations.

morganfell75d ago

What MS did generations ago is immaterial. This isn't Unreal 3 its U5. As Janet said, what have you done for me lately.

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CaptainCook76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Good job Microsoft acquired Gears of War IP from Epic lol

StoneyYoshi76d ago

Even if MS didn't, this investment doesn't give Sony any rights to control Epic or any of its properties.

Harryvok76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

It is a tired old franchise now. I'd be quite happy to never see another Gears game ever again.

Hakuoro76d ago

Godfall is going to be on PS5.

dumahim76d ago

And? That's published by Gearbox and developed by Counterplay.

borneFROMblood76d ago

I bet it's mostly for Unreal Engine

rainslacker76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

It'd be for whatever Epic does. Sony has a stake in the company. They don't control the company though. They'll get dividends based on whatever Epic makes, which is usually a lot.

Sony isn't likely to want to change up whatever Epic is doing. Restricting Epic's marketplace just means it isn't making as much money, which means less of a return. Epic I guess wanted an infusion of cash, and Sony gave it to them.

People saying it's anything more don't understand what investment means, and are reading more into it than is really there.

morganfell76d ago

Sony has Decima. And UE licenses are not that expensive

zacfoldor76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I think it really is all about the Unreal Engine. It is used in a ton of games, so even if they didn't directly develop a specific famous current AAA game(besides Fortnite, like the biggest game ever), they create a game engine that is user friendly and capable of more efficient game creation.

I personally don't use the EGS or play Fortnite, but I think they do add a lot to the development community.

Father__Merrin76d ago

any publisher that has fortnite really doesnt need any other game its a quality title and is free to play

BLAKHOODe76d ago

Well, there is that Unreal Engine thing. I hear it's in a few games.

Kyizen75d ago

It is one more game than Valve haha

75d ago
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lelo2play76d ago

All that praise from Epic has a explanation now...

borneFROMblood76d ago

*Invested* is not Paid
Sony still owns the money and they will get paid in huge back, they are making this bet anticipating the blowup with Unreal Engine 5.

throne76d ago

logic doesn't apply to them, they see what they want to see

Atom66676d ago

I mean...isn't it even more clear now that we learned it was a major investment? It's one thing if it was maybe 6 figures to do some cross promotion, but we're talking 1/4 billion Paid here.

StoneyYoshi76d ago


It isn't considered a Major investment. Article states they invested in a minority stake. You know what "minority" means right?

TheRealTedCruz76d ago


250 million is a large investment, even if it's into a billion dollar company.

StoneyYoshi76d ago

Yeah its a large amount of money but its still a minority investment in the company like the article says...
250 Mil invested into a 17 Billion dollar company is definitely not a major or large investment.

Atom66676d ago (Edited 76d ago )


That made be chuckle. Isn't this investment larger than the check they wrote for all of Insomniac?

Name me the marketing deal that comes close to 250mil. That's the point. They invested a truckload of cash here, and it's mutually beneficial to promote UE5 on PS5.

There's no reason or way to spin it as "no big deal." It's a meaningful move for both, and explains a lot of things.

rainslacker76d ago

Someone should explain what Epic gains from this besides $250 million dollars, and if they really believe that Sony felt that $250 million was what it would cost to get Epic saying nice things about them.

To me, if Sony's investment was contingent on having Sweeney say the PS5 was a good console, and talk up the SSD and other features of the PS5, that seems kind of like him selling out. One thing I've never considered Sweeney to be is a sell out.

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the real one....not some made up conspiracy or extrapolating extenuating circumstances to try and find an answer that doesn't exist. Epic has nothing to gain by talking up the PS5 now. It would tarnish their reputation, which has generally always been fairly neutral. Even when MS was funding Gears of War for them, they didn't hold back the PS3 tools for Unreal, nor were they prone to talking crap about it.

JackBNimble75d ago

It's only a 1.4% investment, that's a tiny sliver of the pie.
$250mil may seem huge to the average person but these are multibillion dollar companies.

This doesn't give Sony any decision making power over UE5 and it's not going to stop MS or anyone else from using this engine.

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Cmv3876d ago

Y'all are truly weird. So the ps5 isn't actually any good, epic is just lying because Sony invested in them 2 months after the praise..... yeah ok

UltimateRacer76d ago

Exactly, it must mean that every other developer that’s praised the PS5 must secretly be working at or owned by Epic lol.

Fantangoooo76d ago

Invested yes... do you really think after Tim Sweeney and Sony Ceo would toast pinacoladas under the sun, Tim wouldn’t throw in a free hype marketing for ps5?! Of course he would.. not saying the ps5 is bad in anyway but he kinda went hard on that. Probably the most vocal Tim I have ever heard Tim ever!

sushimama76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

It doesn't mean what they said is not true though.

throne76d ago

it no use, the fanboys are in full droves in this thread, I guess what Tim said really cut them deep to conclude the guy is a shill. proof is in the pudding when the games come out

Atom66676d ago

True. But it means what they DIDN'T SAY can be explained now.

UE5 will be utilized to great results on XSX and PC. We now know why they "chose" to really highlight only one platform.

Your efforts to defend Sony aren't necessary. There's nothing to's just business.

aconnellan76d ago

You’re correct, I think what they said is still true.

Problem was a lot of people were saying the *reason* they came out and said those things, made the exclusive tech demo etc was out of the goodness of their hearts, while others suggested that money looked like it had changed hands.

This shows the latter - doesn’t mean what they said isn’t true, just implies they were incentivised to come out and say it

rainslacker76d ago

So, Epic games promoted Sony, held off on talking about Xbox, all for the hope that Sony would invest $250 million in their company? Seems rather precarious to do such a thing unless the investment was contingent on that, and I can't imagine any $250 million dollar investment would rely on something so fickle.

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mark3214uk76d ago

they must own all devs then as most have said good things about the ps5 ssd

TheRealTedCruz76d ago

Said good things, sure. But there are devs also saying good things about the new Xbox as well.
Epic is a giant name in the industry, and they chose to concentrate only on the PS5 - of which Sony invested a quarter of a billion dollars.

This is straight up marketing. Not a sincere developer simply commenting on a piece of tech.

Sweeney's comments were literally an ad for PS5, as far as I'm concerned.

rainslacker76d ago

Yeah....that the PS5 is a really good console.

Pretty simple explanation.

You think Epic couldn't raise 250 million from any number of sources? They're worth billions. Sweeney has never been one to pander to companies just to raise money, and has never had a problem praising or criticizing. He even criticized MS when MS was making them money with Gears of War.

Kavorklestein76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Of course epic could raise 250 million some other way. And they do, all the time. The question is, if 250 mil really is such a small amount like some fools say, then what could Sony really be helping them with by giving it to them? The fact is, it's NOT a small amount of money.
Destiny 2 and Halo Infinite had/have a 500 million + dollar budget. That's huge. 250 Million was paid for the kind praise for PS5 and maybe as a financial Vote of Confidence and Support for Epic's advances in technology. But more than anything, it was to get an Exclusive promotion from the Stunning and clearly industry Leading tech giant of Game engines to say good things about the PS5.

You say Sweeny has never been one to sell out or pander? Are you freaking kidding me? He is the PC KING of sell out practices and has done all kinds of deals back and forth on both sides of the PC digital marketplace with
Epic Game store exclusivity and Epic does all kind of deals with Fortnite all the time.

Get over your delusions.
It's really not some huge deal Sony did this, it's just business. What is pathetic tho, most of all, is people like you deflecting the obvious because it makes you feel better about PS5.
PS5 didn't need to go this route to be successful and dominate tho. It's a good system supported by a Company with a big and broad vision for gaming. And we reap the benefits of that vision all the time. Is should make you worry so much either way you look at it. And you are clearly worried about something. You and many others on this site...
Worried Enough that some, (like you) create denials and excuses.. Over something that isn't even really that big of a deal in the first place.
It's kind of bad form, trying to Make it seem like it could only be done on a PS5, and to take money to act like the PS5 is what made it possible instead of Epic's engine, but oh well.
Life goes on.
If MS did this people would talk about how MS is the poison of the games industry probably. But no, it's just business and all 3 of the big 3 do things like this.
Dollars go to and fro with big tech companies all the time. If you ask me, The secret from now on should be transparency so people can decide which ethics and practices to support instead and marketing programs to support or buy into instead of making it seem like a promotion wasn't part of the boost in Positive comments and hype.

tontontam076d ago

All that downplaying of the ps5 ssd architecture by exclusive ms developers has the same explanation.

_dangerclose_76d ago

Yeah they're really excited for PS5 and its architecture, it was self explanatory.

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italiangamer76d ago

Pffff look at the saltiness in the comments from the green camp hahahahha

Zodiac76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Ewww, a console war gamer, gross 🤢

Ricegum76d ago Show
Sunny_D76d ago

Funny how they were quiet when it was confirmed Dirt 5 would run at 120 FPS on PS5 as well lmao.

aaronaton76d ago

You shouldn't make derogatory statements about a marginalised community like that.

Saijahn76d ago

No saltiness here. Them turning a profit will only help Sony crank out some better games in the end. Good for the Sony consumer 👍🏽

76d ago Replies(3)