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TGGJustin984d ago

I get why they went with this as the white, black, and blue matches the console but it just doesn't look right. Having a black or clear case would've been better.

darthv72984d ago

They prob have a whole stockpile of the blue cases since they are the same ones used for PS4. Clear would be going back to the PS3 cases and black look like generic gamestop cases.

darthv72984d ago

PS2 cases werent exactly black. They were like a really dark / navy blue. Put side by side with a black dvd case and you can see there is a difference.

bouzebbal983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

The white band is ugly, doesn't fit with the blue at all.
Everything white or everything blue

Ps2 cases were in many colors. Red orange white transparent blue black...

Army_of_Darkness983d ago

This ps5 case doesn't yell "NEXT GEN GAMING!"
I think Sony could have done better.

Babadook7983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

Looks really sharp. Love it.

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Marquinho984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Interesting... There's no "Only on Playstation" label anymore.

PC gamers rubbing their hands.

outsider1624984d ago

Hmmm...Entice pc gamers with Miles morales...then bam!! Spiderman 2 for PS5. They'll definitely have to buy a ps5 for it.

984d ago
Father__Merrin984d ago

they're the only people on here that are always hungry for games they have nothing on their own platform and that's a fact otherwise why would there be so hungry for games from Sony.

they are clingon gamers they always clingon to games from Xbox and PlayStation and are found on console threads. Go to the top of the page and click on PC section and you will find out what I mean

LegoIsAwesome984d ago

Hmmm.... First look in Bloodborne cover art also doesnt have "Only on Playstation" on it. Is it on PC though?

Silly gameAr984d ago

I guess you missed the Playstation studios logo in the corner?

JEECE984d ago

PC Players: Sony exclusives are all cookie cutter third person action games that don't do anything that hasn't already been done on PC ten years earlier.

Sony Announces or even hints that a former PS exclusive will come to PC.

PC Gamers: OMG, finally Horizon is coming to PC, let's all preorder it! Who needs PlayStation when we get their games anyway!

Marquinho984d ago


Games like Tomb Raider, Shadow Of War, Jedi Fallen Order and may others sold very well on PC, so there's no reason to think the community wouldn't welcome Playstation exclusives.

SegaGamer984d ago


Oh my god dude, get a grip. Do you not realise how pathetic you sound?

RememberThe357983d ago

The PlayStation Studios logo doesn't mean it won't go to PC, it means Sony's studio developed it. Horizon had "only on Playstation" on the cover for years and them not labeling this game an exclusive kinda shows me they want their games on PC too. Definitely devalues the console if they're going the MS route.

hectorius983d ago

Marquinho11h ago(Edited 11h ago)
Interesting... There's no "Only on Playstation" label anymore.

PC gamers rubbing their hands.***

Really?? So now all Windows 10/PC owners have Bluray disk drives built in and shop at Retail Stores??

Xbots thick as pie-meat. lolol

Marquinho983d ago (Edited 983d ago )


"Really?? So now all Windows 10/PC owners have Bluray disk drives built in and shop at Retail Stores??

Xbots thick as pie-meat. lolol"

I had to read this like 10 times to understand what you were trying (failing) to say... and I quit 😂

hectorius983d ago

Marquinho3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

"Really?? So now all Windows 10/PC owners have Bluray disk drives built in and shop at Retail Stores??

Xbots thick as pie-meat. lolol"

I had to read this like 10 times to understand what you were trying (failing) to say... and I quit 😂***

Not surprising, you just aren't that bright kid.

This is an article about PS 5 GAME COVERS which use the Bluray media.. PCs don't have Bluray built in as standard.. So how could these games not saying Playstation only, could relate to "PC gamers rubbing their hands" in any way/ shape or form?? Unlike you troll, PC owners aren't delusionary.. They won't think that retail stores will suddenly start putting these disks on PC shelves. Go find me a store which stocks or will accept pre-orders for Horizon ZD using Bluray media genius.

If you don't understand that, then go get your mummy to explain it to you.

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RosweeSon984d ago

Blue worked well enough for the entirety of this gen so don’t see why it needs changing it’s the content of the disc I’m paying for 😜✌🏻

Profchaos984d ago

Yeah I think a clear case would be best similar to the PS3

Xb1ps4983d ago

I disagree I like it.. the blue looks like the blue light on the console, I wouldn’t change it

983d ago
wwinterj983d ago

I don't mind it but a clear or black case probably would have suited better. I like the banner though. Looking at the spines of my PS2-PS4 games I did wonder what they would go with next and now I know.

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BigBosss984d ago

Dude, that looks slick as hell! :O

I_am_Batman983d ago

Really? It looks just like the current cases with a white banner. Kinda boring to be honest. I would've preferred a design that distinguishes itself a little more from current gen. A rearranged banner, a different colored case. A different case format would be cool too, but even just a black case looks much better imo:

RememberThe357983d ago

What did you expect? A hologram? It's a fkn game case.

I_am_Batman983d ago


If you just read my comment you wouldn't have to ask that question:

Take a look at previous gens. Case design always changed between gens. This just feels like more of the same hence why I think it's boring.

KilluaX3984d ago

Hmm, Spidey doesn't have "Only on PlayStation" on the cover? I hope it's coming to PC at some point. Would love to play it above 30fps.

Then again, having "Only on PlayStation" doesn't really matter if we look at Horizon Zero Dawn, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Detroit Become Human, etc...

Felix_Argyle_Catbro984d ago

That would certainly be nice. We have to wait and see.

Battlestar23984d ago

It has playstation studios logo in the corner maybe that is the only on playstation tag for this generation.

Tacoboto983d ago

Sony's said that their PC games will also release under the Playstation Studios publisher.

But even so - at most, it's an interesting omission; at the least, they won't be betraying any arbitrary labeling just in case 2-3 years down the line they decide to port a Playstation Hits title to PC.

(Someone suggested above about Spider-Man MM 'enticing' people to come to PS5 if it came to PC. If Sony were to move a title to PS Hits and port it to PC - cheaper price on PS5, and normal price but enhanced for PC like Horizon - that would be pretty game changing to have that expectation)

Majin-vegeta984d ago

Ywa...cuz its sneak peek not the final.

Marquinho984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Oh... you also noticed. And as for "Playstation Studios", that's just the publisher name, it has to go there.

Spider-Man is possibly landing on PC.

Spider-Man @60fps would be a huge improvement. That game would really take advantage of smooth gameplay.

Ricegum984d ago

Dude. I'm just going to say it now. It's not coming to PC anytime soon.

Let's face it, the reason you keep suggesting crap like this is to create some sort of fanboy drivel toward PlayStation users.

throne984d ago

damn...people can dream😂

Marquinho984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

No. It's because I've also seen it on the source of these news... being discussed by PS users, and it's a totally legit find.

BTW I'm replying to someone who found out before me... 🙄

Please stop taking legit comments as attacks. Need to cool down.

laserap984d ago

hahaha never coming to PC

Toiletsteak984d ago

No joke, people said the same for Horizon and that's coming soon to PC. Not sayin Spider-Man will but theres a chance it could but I won't be holding out on playing it, it's definitely a day one game for me.

RaidenBlack984d ago

They are using “PS Studios” logo instead.

rainslacker983d ago

Well, at least Sony is giving you something to look forward to. Must be nice after all these years to finally have that feeling.

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Looper984d ago

Love the cover art. Spider-Man looks awesome. I don't care for the white header.