9 Reasons Why The Last Of Us II Is Maybe The Game Of The Generation

Andrew says: So, it’s no secret that the overwhelming point of contention for TLOU2 is the story. One of the puzzling conclusions that many people have drawn, is that its structure and chronology is all over the place. As I was playing the game, I was drawn to each flashback. Now yes, flashbacks within flashbacks does become a bit meta, but this is all done to explain the story and provide the player with every bit of information possible. These criticisms just confuse me. Have people become so accustomed to modern day hand-holding in games? Why does everything have to be as linear as a Call of Duty campaign?

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stuna1195d ago

Because as of now, no other game has illicitly garnered such a emotional, political or socialogical response to this degree. Whether bad or good in whomever eyes who has actually played the game itself, the game has and will leave a lasting impression on the industry/consumers going forward.

Omnisonne195d ago

To be fair, that says more about the times we live in today than the game itself imo.

It seems almost every AAA title gets either crapped on or put on a pedestal in regards to politics.

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Tross195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Yeah, I leave politics out of my hobby, personally. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the minority.

Marquinho195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

The Game of the Generation will be between The Witcher 3, God of War and Zelda BOTW. Games that were well reviewed, sold extremely well and got a massive user reception... not a game that became notorious for making its fans historically mad and tried to play a risky and forced social warrior role, where they lost.

Atticus_finch195d ago

What fans because I love the game.
What's a social warrior?
They are drowning in perfect scores and money, but yea, they lost.

BenRC01194d ago

or padded an already overly long game with boring fetch quests playing an unlikeable badly written character . Or the fact the original just didnt need a sequel and tlou2 made that blatantly apparent.

monkey602194d ago

I wouldnt say the Last Of Us 2 is game of the generation but I will dispute anyone trying to downplay it amongst its "fans"

I've a rather large gaming circle because of a few reasons

1. I managed a gaming store for a number years
2. Ive met a lot of people online through being an active community member and trophy hunter

I can honestly say that my friends who couldn't wait for this game all loved it or those still playing through it are loving it.

The outrage online is nothing more than a few clowns with loud voices. As usual. The rest of are just enjoying it. It will without a doubt be remembered and considered a highlight of the generation

FinalFantasyFanatic194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

It's not just the SJW issues with the TLoU that effect it's chances of being "game of the generation", there are just so many games that could deserve game of the generation (it's been a great gen overall).

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BenRC01194d ago

Tlou 1 remaster beats it hands down in everything but graphical fidelity.

morganfell195d ago

"9 Reasons Why The Last Of Us II Is Maybe The Game Of The Generation"

You mean possibly could be? Inevitably likely? Who writes these articles? Here is a reason it might not be GOTG. The generation is not yet over. Sales combined with controversy do not equal game of the generation. Finally, who decides this? Some webzine with zero standards, objectivity, or demonstrated acumen when it comes to analyzing and/or reviewing games? No. The individual decides (excluding the people that intentionally board the herd train and enjoy being told what to think).

Rocketisleague195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Personally god of war or sekiro. Sekiro for its mechanics and combat. Rocket league gets big mention..obviously with my name..that game hasn't Hit a skill ceiling after 5 years. Amazing physics.

People keep inventing new ways to win woulda been in the Olympics this year :'l

morganfell195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Right now mine would be God of War. Sekiro is right behind it with The Witcher III then Nioh2. I'll see if that changes in about 10 days time.

InMyOpinion194d ago

I'd rank Bloodbourne over Sekiro, but not a bad pick.


Rocketisleague192d ago

Couldn't blame you with bloodborne, just liked the vertically and speed of sekiro a bit more. Bloodborne tone and variety is superior thought for sure

anast195d ago

Mine would be
1 Bloodborne
2 RDR2
third is up for grabs

zacfoldor195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Hmm, for me that game would be Bloodborne, God of War, or BotW. Don't get me wrong, TLOU2 is good, but it drags a little and outstays its welcome. I never wanted to stop playing God of War or Bloodborne. No comment on BotW since I realize it is also polarizing, like TLOU2, and since it was kinda a between-gen game that launched across both Nintendo systems. It's still pretty recent though, so I don't feel like leaving it out completely.

UltraNova195d ago

Bloodborne, nothing and I mean nothing comes close this gen. Then Sekiro 2nd and GoW for 3rd place.

zacfoldor195d ago

Yep, those games are amazing. I could play them forever on a desert island and never need another game. I wonder, would anyone pick TLOU2 as their only game to play for the rest of time?

Ricegum195d ago

Oh man. I'd kill for a Bloodborne 2.

I_am_Batman195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Good list. Bloodborne deserves the number 1 spot. Sekiro is another great of this gen for sure. While I enjoyed God of War I had too many gripes with it to put it into the same tier though. It just didn't have such a synergistic game design philosophy, that made Bloodborne and Sekiro emerge as greater games than the sum of their parts in my opinion. I'm waiting for Ghost of Tsushima before taking a look back at all the games I've played this gen and deciding which of them I regard as the best of the generation. It's always fun to do that even though I'm really bad at ranking them all in order.

anast195d ago

Bloodborne for sure, it's the only game I platinum'd and now I'm sad I completed it. I think I might fire it up again. A PS5 release with Bloodborne 2 would be enough to sucker me into purchasing that beast, day 1.

UltraNova194d ago


TBH I could add The Witcher 3 tied with GoW for 3rd, it was an equally excellent game but even bigger in scope.

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Omnisonne195d ago

The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne were pretty amazing experiences. Bless the gaming Gods for releasing them in the same year too.

DVAcme195d ago

Another vote for Bloodborne.

Ezio2048195d ago

RDR2 is game of gen for me. God of War is close second.

Gatsu195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

You're alright boah. I agree about RDR2.

goldwyncq195d ago

RDR2 is now the gold standard for AAA game narratives.

MajorLazer194d ago

And open world realism. R* raised the bar to insane heights with the beauty, depth and realism of the game world. Every dialouge, every situation didn't feel scripted at all, everything felt unique and realistic. Can't wait for a PS5 release, taking advantage of the hardware.

cell989195d ago

Ohh please God Of War did it better. So now being political is something to praise smh...

stuna1195d ago

I wasn't saying it was something to praise, but it garnered a response from people on all sides of the fence! Let's be honest here, no game I've played or heard of someone else playing has even ventured into that realm. Here's why, most games have what I call an unbelievable factor to them, so in those cases they're played with that in mind as something that couldn't happen, or the most very unlikely to happen.

Looking at The Last of Us 2, it pretty much run in tandem to today's climate and world views, so much so that there are exact parallels in fact! So yes it's very political

goldwyncq195d ago

God of War’s story is just a worse TLOU. Great gameplay but the story is boring and uninspired, feeling more like a setup for the sequels than its own thing.

Sunny_D195d ago

How is it political please do tell.

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