10 Best Terraria Tips and Tricks to Get Started

If you're new to Terraria, take a look at these quick tips and tricks to help you get started. Especially with the challenges of Journey's End!

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iofhua234d ago

I liked the very early version where you could tunnel down to hell and then drain an ocean into it, and collect as much obsidian as you wanted. I liked that it encouraged massive engineering projects and would have liked to see more biome manipulation like that.

Instead they patched it so water evaporates in hell, no matter how much you dump into it, and I haven't been interested in it since.

I also grinded a set of cobalt armor from the jungle biome and then that got patched out and replaced with something else.

What I find fun isn't always what the devs find fun, and it's really frustrating to see patches ruin things that I see as creative or novel because the dev thinks it's exploitative or "not intended".

I loved playing world of warships and focused on the English and German boats that have big guns with the 1/4 armor threshold for HE rounds. I wanted to try out the Conqueror and Freddy since they could penetrate 100mm armor with HE. But then they changed HE to only improve chance of causing fire and the armor threshold calculations got tossed. This made a unique line of warships with unique guns not unique anymore. So I stopped playing.

Why do things get dumbed down? Why do devs ruin fun? I will never understand. "The players are having too much fun. We have to put a stop to this." or "The game is too complicated and players are making unique builds that are too effective. We have to put a stop to this."