Crafting the world of Tsushima

How Sucker Punch built Ghost of Tsushima's lush environments, from natural beauty to stunning manmade structures.

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morganfell35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Just at the edge of a week to go. Come 9pm on the 16th and its shut off the phone and pull the shades for a marathon session of my most anticipated game this year. What an incredible game to have in the final stand alone year of the PS4.

PSX-9435d ago

The environments look serene and beautiful, Ghost of Tsushima is going to be awesome, can't wait.

PS4 is Supreme.

demonseye34d ago

really hard to say before the game is released ill wait and see. just hope my expectations weren't to high

Rebel_Scum34d ago

Hmmm, more of a 6.8/10 I think

RCslayer34d ago

I'd take a new infamous any day.