Capcom says its game sales are 80% digital and rising

Publisher aiming to reduce physical media to just 10% of its game sales in the future

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Imortus_san1057d ago

With 50%+ cuts in digital promos it's only natural, but I would rather not have all digital, I like to remember consoles generations by owning the phisical games.

-Foxtrot1057d ago

I can't really see that to be honest

This just seems like they want to push digital games

SamPao1057d ago

Well they released Monster hunter iceborne only digital, except for the master edition, but I think that one wasnt that popular, so yeah that must have contributed quite a bit.

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LightofDarkness1057d ago

It's becoming increasingly difficult to buy physical here anyway, there's only one Gamestop left in town and it's probably on its last legs too. The alternative is Amazon, and who wants to wait 2-4 days when you could pay around the same amount to get it within minutes?

It's not a conspiracy, it's a matter of convenience. PC players have been doing it for years, my entire PC library is digital after 2010/2011, and there's no problem with that. It's extremely convenient, and lord knows where I'd have space for nearly 500 games physically XD

Kornholic1057d ago

Amazon the only alternative? So you are saying there aren't any other online video game retailers in your country? I call bullshit.

autobotdan1057d ago

This is because they personally made the Physical copy of Street Fighter V Champion Editions etc USELESS. So everyone who wanted to play street fighter v pretty much went digital. But nobody was happy about that. Alot of people want Street Fighter V with all DLC on one Blu-ray disc!

JEECE1057d ago

No surprise. The conclusion a lot of people have been coming to is that physical is going to become a niche like it is for other forms of media.

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