Dinosaur Survival Horror Game, Deathground, Takes Kickstarter By Storm

If you’re still hankering for a Dino Crisis remake then you might want to listen up, because new Kickstarter game, Deathground, might be able to fill that void. Deathground promises to once again bring dinosaurs and survival horror together, though this time with a bunch of new features.

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monkey602199d ago

You can definitely tell some of the guys from creative assembly are working on this. So much Alien Isolation influence. If its got dinosaurs though its got my attention

Atomicjuicer199d ago

Who? Creative Assembly were spectacular but Ive read the article and the kickstarter and saw no mention of it.

monkey602199d ago

On their kickstarter page they've listed games previously worked on. Soma, Amnesia, Hue and Alien Isolation among others. I read elsewhere that some of them have a background in creative assembly and considering they also list Total War as games theyve worked on it makes sense

HICK199d ago

So...Outlast but with Dinosaurs.

KyRo199d ago

That really ain't a bad thing.

TheLeapist199d ago

"Takes Kickstarter By Storm"
It currently sits at less than 900 backers and less than $28,000 of its $100,000 goal. So not exactly what I'd describe as a storm.

peteymcpickle199d ago

Watched the trailer they put up and backed it instantly. Never backed anything on Kickstarter before but this was a no brainer for me.