'The Last Of Us Part II' is a masterclass in attention to detail

In many ways, "The Last Of Us Part II" represents the pinnacle of what's possible in the current generation of video game systems.

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KingA33d ago

Red dead redemption 2 anyone?

rainslacker33d ago

Nowhere close to the kind of detail they put into TLOU2. Although no slouch in it's own right.

KingA32d ago

"Nowhere close"? My ass. (Over 1 year after the game came out).

Blind love for TLOU2 (which is an amazing game) makes people forget the level of work and detail that went into other games.

TheKingKratos33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

No but it's close and RDR2 is one of my favorite games ever

Tlou 2 is soo high up on my list ... i don't think any game would "Wow" me as much as this game did

Ezio204833d ago

RDR2 has far more detail than this game. I can't believe what people have been playing if they can't see that.

VerminSC33d ago

I’m sorry but just not true. Granted rdr2 is a MUCH larger game, so they are at a disadvantage but no tlou2 is far more detailed.

Ezio204833d ago

No it's not. RDR2 was almost criticized for being too real and it's focus on detailing too much that it comes in between the fun and gameplay and yet here we are.

Gamist2dot033d ago

From someone who has taken photos of both games, both graphics are nice. RDR2 has attention to detail of the old west environment.
TLOU2 or Naughty Dog games in general, not only do you see the attention to detail as well for post apocalypse but also an added touch of art. It's as if they hired Bob Ross in the development.

KingA32d ago

Wow, a lot of TLOU2 fanboys here, huh.

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StonieWylder33d ago

Eh I still say RDR2 has far more attention to detail and on a much larger scale. The subreddit was showing people still finding new things about the game over a year later.

Ezio204833d ago

Exactly. People here are impressed by articles like 10 little details or 15 little details about TLOU2.

Here, see this article about Rdr2:-

Over 100 such details and IGN wasn't the only site to say that, there were countless articles like this when RDR2 released.

RDR2 literally has all the details that TLOU2 shows and then a lot more, be it snow, horses, clothes getting dirty etc.

StonieWylder33d ago

Im getting disagreements but nobody actually saying otherwise. I would like someone to actually prove me wrong

Ezio204833d ago

Because they can't my friend. They can only disagree. Lol.

Final_Aeon33d ago

Because this is deny city. All you're getting here is disagrees, because TLOU2 is the holy grail and can do no wrong. Every time someone mentions valid criticism, it gets struck down with downvotes, even if it's stating opinion/fact or quoting a source.

It's like talking to a small child with fingers in their ears, screaming loudly. Basically like blue checkmarks on twitter.

KingA32d ago

I agree 100%. I loved TLOU2 but the blind defensive love for this game is jarring

Fraggle198733d ago

Very true. They are in a class of their own in this regard.

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