Xbox Game Pass Ultimate needs a family plan, because it's 2020

Why doesn't Xbox Game Pass have a family plan? It really should have a family plan.

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xxsilverxx25d ago

Totally agree, we have 2 pcs in the house and I was asking my son the very same thing. So I could kick his butt at fort nite.( I have no chance ). I would sign up in a heartbeat if we had one subscription between us.

SickSinceSix25d ago

This confuses me. Fortnite is free to play, you don't need game pass for it

Hedstrom25d ago

You would still need two acounts för both to play online, altough not game pass ultimate.

Razmiran25d ago

But on pc the accounts are free

xxsilverxx25d ago

Apologies bad choice of game, The point being I totally agree with the family pass idea it would work for our household.

DJStotty24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Can not speak for you, but i pay for gamepass and share it with another account. On 2 seperate xbox's.

So 2 accounts get gamepass, you can even do it with gold, even if one account buys a game, the other account can download.

This was the original vision with the launch, sharing games and gold with upto 5 family members, but to do that you need DRM.

nowitzki200424d ago

Same here. Im pretty sure there were times when games worked for me when I wasnt subbed as well.

FinalSpero25d ago

Xbox has the Home Xbox feature which shares Game Pass and Live Gold with every account on the assigned Xbox.

Moreover, Game Pass is a relatively young service. Yes, I agree it should have a family plan, but none of the major gaming subscription services have a "family plan" per se. PS Plus requires each account to individually purchase the service. Same with Xbox Live. The only one that has a family plan is Nintendo, but it only gives access to the accounts on one switch.

The reality is we likely won't see a real and usable family plan for any of the online services. It seems the best we'll get is the Home Console feature that Xbox and PlayStation offer.

NeoGamer23223d ago

I am not sure comparing it to other similar services is a reason not to have a family plan.

Everything can improve, so maybe this is a good way to improve it. Supporting companies to hold back possibly beneficial features to consumers is more like cheerleading for the company then it is cheerleading consumer friendly practices.

_LarZen_25d ago

It’s quite easy sharing everything be it games or subscriptions with one more family member’s Xbox. But what if you have two kids or more? Then the problem starts.

conanlifts24d ago

A bit confused by this article. Microsoft family already exists. Just add family members to your account and share away. I have 5 on my account so far. There are restrictions so other users need to use your primary device, you use a secondary device where you log in. What they need to do is allow more than one primary console.

Futureshark24d ago

I don't think MS would do anything to reduce the numbers of gamepass subscriptions, it's one of their prime metrics at the moment.

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