Switch Games Shouldn’t Get A Free Pass For Poor Technical Performance

Rocket Chainsaw: Sometimes games run poorly, but no system should be given a free pass for it. So why do Switch Games seem to have their technical issues ignored?

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sushimama36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I love Nintendo and the Switch, but lets be honest, they're the company of 'free passes'. It is known. I mean just recently people's Nintendo online accounts weren't just compromised, people had stuff bought from their accounts (like makiing hundreds of dollars worth of purchases on Fortnite for example). Their emails were compromised. A whole bunch of stuff happened and you know what.... no one gave a damn. It was forgotten pretty much as soon as it happened. The articles on N4G just barely passed 200 degrees in heat lmao. I mean good on Nintendo. But they really are NOT competition for any console. They're a 'companion console'. Approximately 70% of Switch owners also own a PS4 and/or an Xbox One. They've got free passes all over the place. They've got a massive bank vault filled with free passes.

jipjoran35d ago

More recent followup article on your 2018 70% of switch owners also own another console on the same website

“ According to NPD Group’s latest Playerpulse surveys, over 40% of Switch owners in the US also own either a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One console. Notably, this figure is a drop from the 70% figure that was shared last year, which could mean that there are now more Switch owners using it as their primary console”

RgR35d ago

With regards to the topic. Why should Nintendo be accountable for the performance of games from other developers?

All Nintendo developed games, as far as I know, perform perfectly. In fact they're usually 100% bug free.

Exvalos35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Touche, some of these developers need to learn just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. They ignore the hardware limitations of the switch and Cram there games on there knowing the system cant run it properly. I have to 100% agree.

crazyCoconuts35d ago

Maybe a part of it is that if you get upset with them, your alternatives are really limited for handheld gaming. So people just shrug and say "what can you do?" I've got a GPD Win2 which is way better IMO, but so few people even know what that is.

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Fraggle198735d ago

Absolutley correct. Nintendo could have made the tech in switch better therefore there would have been less performace issues for developers to have to optimise around. Theres only so much they can do with the specs given. Thats in a big part on Nintendo.

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Old McGroin35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Why would Nintendo be at fault for other companies games? If a game has poor frame rate or whatever on the PS4 or Xbox do Sony and Microsoft get the blame? Far from getting a free pass, Nintendo are the ONLY company that people think should be blamed for poor work by other game companies.

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lodossrage36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I do agree that they shouldn't get a pass. But we also know the reason they get it.

If they're competing with Sony and Microsoft, they should be held to the same standards we hold the other two at. If their system is "weaker" then that's their own fault, not the competition.

The problem is society has come to expect Nintendo to have weaker hardware so as a result, they don't get knocked on for it BECAUSE the expectation is already low.

If Sony or Microsoft purposely came out with a weaker system with the trade off of a gimmick, people would be all over both companies.

LoveSpuds35d ago

I don't think it fair to say Nintendo get a free pass in respect of technical performance of games personally. Any review I have ever watched will refer to performance issues of a game when they exist and moreover, Switch owners are aware of the limitations of the console.

I don't think that a customer accepting that a title will have a lesser performance on a Switch than on a PS4/XB1 equates to a free pass, they are simply accepting the limitations of a portable device.

Pricey35d ago (Edited 35d ago ) How does this game end up in the 80s if it didn't get a free pass by a number of reviewers with respect to technical performance.

Then you have games like doom 2016 which run sub 30fps. This is a twitch shooter for gods sake, it needs a high frame rate.
You literally can't play it in the highest difficulty because it pulls the frame rate too low.

Those two games are examples where performance issues can detract from the gameplay experience. We are not talking small differences here between the switch and PS4/XB1

Cmv3835d ago

Accepting limitations, is giving a free pass.

NecrumOddBoy35d ago

Breath of the Wild runs at 11fps in the Korok forest. "Better on Switch" articles galore. They get free passes on almost everything.

ShadowWolf71235d ago


Those are the reviews for the PC version. The Switch version sits at a 67. That being said, people are more willing to harp on third party ports, they just blame the developers for being "lazy" and "not optimizing properly" as opposed to recognizing Nintendo's massive performance gap as an issue.

In cases like Doom though, I do recall people heaping praise on it even as it went sub-240p and still sub-30 frames because "it's a miracle it runs at all". Which was... somehow a testament to the Switch's capabilities. Somehow.

The press sucks up to Ninty nonstop, Idk how anyone can deny that.

Neonridr35d ago

@Cmv38 - it's no different than a PC user using low end equipment understanding they aren't going to get the best performance out of their games. It's not a free pass, it's common sense.

Pricey35d ago

@ShadowWolf712 Yes sorry the outer worlds link is the pc version. The links are broken because this site has truncated them. There are still people dolling out 80s and 90s out of a 100 for it though.

Doom 2016 : is a 79

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RgR35d ago

Also as a result the majority don't buy those poor performing games on the switch.
My brother has a switch and a PS4 he plays nintendo exclusives on the switch and everything else on the ps4.

Im not sure players are giving Nintendo a pass especially since it isn't Nintendo that is being given the pass but the developers for the game that has poor performance.

Nintendo is not responsible for the performance of games outside their jurisdiction. It's silly to think otherwise

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fonger0835d ago

I’m confused as what the author is getting at exactly. Blaming the switch for a poorly done port of a game like Outer Worlds (which did not get a free pass), is fine, but other studios have brought switch ports over with far less issues. So wouldn’t it then be the developers problem? Secondly “giving the switch a pass,” does mean games are suddenly glorified more than what they are. For example the port of Wolfestein 2, it had poor resolutions, but it worked and it’s a fun way to play the game on the go if need be. But anyone to have the expectations that it’s the “best” way to play that (from graphics standpoint) and blames the Switch for that expectation, is kidding themselves. Blaming the Switch for poor buggy technical performance, isn’t on the Switch when others have been able to accomplish decent playing ports.

Vervain35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The problem isn’t the Switch itself and the article doesn’t blame the console, it blames developers releasing games in terrible condition and the (often large) part of the audience and critics on the platform saying ‘Eh, that’s just what the games are like here. You just have to get used to it.’

So basically, it says exactly what you’re saying, except with the inclusion of the parts of the user base and critics that give poor performing port a pass.

LoveSpuds35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

My feeling on this are more aligned with Fonger I think.

When a title like Outer Worlds launches, I have perceived the reviews to be quite damming, with there being a general consensus amongst reviewers that this isn't the best way to play this game and the experience will prove frustrating.

With something like the Witcher 3, where there are perhaps less egregious technical issues, but the game still lags way behind what is possible on other consoles, reviews I have seen generally point that out too. The reviews I saw of Witcher 3 all pointed out the severe limitations of the Switch version, so for me, the consumer is informed and if they are happy with those limitations, then that is for them to decide.

Personally, I don't see that as a free pass, a free pass in my view would entail journalists glossing over shortcomings in reviews, and this isn't something I see in the reviews I have read/watched.

fonger0835d ago

And you may be right, it’s just hard to tell where the author was going with this exactly.

Sciurus_vulgaris35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The Wolfenstein 2 and Doom (2016) didn’t deserve the praise they received. The ports are heavily stripped down graphically and blurry with poor sub-30 performance and a high price tag.

fonger0835d ago

No one “praised” game for its technical performance. But praised the fact that it could actually be ported to the device. It’s nearly a 10 point drop in review rating from the other versions of the same game.

Shiken35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

And they don't. Have you seen the reviews of Outer Worlds? It reflects the poor port that it is.

The article is clickbait.

AK9135d ago

They do and they always will solely because they're Nintendo. I mean they've literally been pumping out the exact same games for decades and people STILL buy their products.

LoveSpuds35d ago

If you want to make the point that there are lots of games in the same franchise, then that is fair enough but in my view, every 3D Mario game I have ever played is entirely different and broadly speaking, no two Zelda games are the same either.

The narrative that Nintendo get a free pass is nonsense in my view. Nintendo first party titles are generally well reviewed because they are polished to a rediculous degree and generally, have very fun gameplay, it is that simple in my opinion.

Cmv3835d ago

A game may be polished, but when its practically the same game for 30 years..... and y'all still buy it, that's a free pass. Sony will be murdered if they did half the shit. Rockstar is getting killed for releasing gta 5 on the ps5, Nintendo has been doing this for years

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

And those "same games" still win GOTY, sell millions, and play as great as their predecessors.

Kindda make you wonder why isn't it?

LoveSpuds35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

If you are honestly saying that Breath of the Wild or Mario Odysee are the same as Zelda and Mario on the NES, then I just dont know what to say, you aren't interested in a sensible dialog as far as I am concerned.

fonger0835d ago

So then how does mean they get a “pass?” Millions of people don’t continuously buy their games over nearly 40 yrs because people were willingly overlooking supposedly flaws/redundancy. Also just because the IP name is the same doesn’t mean the game to game product is the same.

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