New HD Assassin's Creed Valhalla Map Reveals Two Kingdoms

Check out the Kingdoms of East Anglia and Mercia in this new HD Assassin's Creed Valhalla map Rocket Chainsaw grabbed out of the Newly leaked footage.

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34d ago

Ubisoft should just put this on hold, enough with the same shit year after year. When this is the game that deserves to come back: Beyond Good and Evil 2. If they focused on Beyond Good and Evil 2 instead of Assassin's Creed this would have probably been out this year.

Rachel_Alucard33d ago

BGAE2 looks like yet another open world map marker clearing simulator based on what they showed. Though after last years editorial change from Breakpoint bombing and the delays that followed whatever comes out next may change that.

Putnum32d ago

I'll take historical fiction over fantasy any day of the year. Every story has already been told. Might as well tell them better.

Psychotica32d ago

How is the same?? Which AC game was using that same map?

spirited33d ago

Ubisoft dont focus on improving gameplay.Just make the biggest world

Putnum33d ago

I wonder if we'll get to see a full map at Ubisoft Forward... Hope so!!!

Psychotica32d ago

"Today we can confirm that what we reported yesterday was 100% accurate in that it showed one third of the width of East Anglia. This is exciting news for people who like big maps because this one is shaping up to be huge." - Excellent, exactly what I am hoping for..

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