Edge Interview: Microsoft's Chris Lewis

Edge writes: "Microsoft expects Xbox 360 to officially surpass the original Xbox at the end of November, with a projected 25 million unit global installed base.

One reason that Microsoft has been able to reach that milestone was a sharper focus on the European market. While North America and the U.K. were particularly receptive of the original Xbox, Microsoft has had its work cut out in Japan and the rest of Europe, where stiff competition from the more established PlayStation and Nintendo brands pose a challenge.

But improved marketing, a price cut and a solid software lineup in Europe (dubbed by Microsoft as this generation's "battleground") has helped the company attract a broader audience who wasn't necessarily receptive to the Xbox brand even a year-and-a-half ago.

We spoke with Chris Lewis, VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft EMEA about watching the competition, maintaining momentum and how Microsoft has adjusted its strategy from the original Xbox."

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Hellsvacancy4246d ago

Or is Ms doin wot they do best - Spurting Bs

KARMA20094246d ago

360 has 23 million and counting...

UziSuicide4246d ago

Is that sold or shipped?

I'd love to know how many were replacement models.

truehunter4246d ago

Ya there goal was to sell 25 million. I guess alot of % are sold to the same person who hit RRoD. & was force to buy another 360 due to out coming games. A strong milestone & adjusted its strategy ?? Yes they did bring a strong faulty console. If my count was rite with out the faulty console an privacy xbox 360 i dont think MS woulda reach 23 million... Mayb 17 million is my count.
Good work M$. U did a good job hurting alot of fans with out them known. Plz build rebuild a better 360. Even Xbox/live was surpass the hardware.

Fishy Fingers4246d ago

How long did it take the original Xbox to hit 25 million?

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