Are Games Too Long?

After a random Jason Schreier tweet, maybe it's worth looking at how and why games are ending up as long (or feeling as long) as they are.

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indysurfn30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's like EA paid someone to convince us that Single player games are too long so they can give us EVEN less for our money. Really who wrote this article? Talk about the Devils advocate.

Even though you play to get to the end of a game:
Who on earth plays a game they love and want it to hurry up and END please end this game. This game needs to DIE!

Gaming10130d ago

The real truth is that games are adopting the free to play business model, requiring you to grind out boring repetitive stuff or giving you the option to pay to win with microtransactions, where you literally just paid to play the game less, taking on the form of imagined progression.

Thus, games are feeling longer from the boring grind.

indysurfn28d ago

Gaming101 Yes I agree with that! That is how Micro transacrions have always worked. That is a issue of micro transactions and how they are evil. I'm talking about a GOOD game that is not a Micro transaction game. I dont want those to end.

sushimama31d ago

No, there is no hurry to finish a game, and if you're hurrying to finish any game, then that's not how it was intended to be played in the first place. Take your time on it. It's not the Devs fault when some gamers don't finish games. It's on the gamer. Some gamers only finish 2 games in a whole year. Others finish 60 hour games in a few days. The only way I would be fine with shorter games is if they cost less to buy.

Ilovetheps530d ago

I think it's on the devs when they add filler just to extend the length of a game. I don't mind a longer game as long as I don't feel there was unnecessary filler being added just to say it's a long game.

L7CHAPEL30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

this is come up before.
there are too many games that just add so much padding and filler,
either it's ridiculous collectathons, repetitive fetch quests that seem to go on endlessly, or god-awful amounts of unnecessary/rote/ character management.
for me the simple answer is:
only the crappy ones.
no one thinks The Witcher/ Kotor /Mass effect games/ are too long, because they're well done.

I just finished recently playing,
and these probably aren't the best examples, because they were in the backlog forever and I picked them up super cheap, both of them, but they're good examples:
homefront the revolution,
and saints row 4.
and I felt both of those games could have had at least 1/3 of the content removed because they were so repetitive.
literally the same activities and lead in to those activities again and again.
neither one of them were as bad at the back end as they were made out to be.
saints row 4, I was particularly disappointed with because the third was so good, and it just wasn't that strong of an entry to be padded out the way that it was.
homefront the revolution had a disastrous development cycle and was handed to another studio, but they put it all together, fixing it as best they could and releasing it.
there were a lot of game ideas obviously that got left on the development room floor, and to make up for it they just did a rinse and repeat of levels/sections of the city were you literally did the same thing again and again and again, and they could have left at least two or three sections of the entire map out and the game would have been better off for it...
it's funny how many games I can say those exact same things about

Sunny1234530d ago

I think it heavily depends on genre. Though while ps3 era all sp action/adventure games, people had the problem of yhry being too short. I am content with the games now, god of war, last of us2, spiderman, etc all good times.

Petebloodyonion30d ago

" It's not the Devs fault when some gamers don't finish games"
Actually, Yes it's mostly the devs fault when gamer don't finish their game. Like only 39% of the ppl who played Uncharted 4 actually completed the story meaning that 60% of the viewing audience left the theater before the end of the show.

Wonder who would we blame if 60% or the ppl watching the Avengers movie would have left before the end of it?

Agent_00_Revan30d ago

Most games are as long as they need to be to tell the story they want. Are there games that are too long and feel they drag on? Yes. Alien Isolation comes to mind. As good as that game was. It didn't need to run as long as it did. Are there game you wish kept going? Yes. Many in fact.

There is no standard time limit to games. Some games are long, some games are short. Journey is one of the best games I've ever played, and it is only a few hours long. The Mass Effect Trilogy all together can be close to 150 hours and it is one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life and I cherish it greatly.

Khalina30d ago

"Most games are as long as they need to be to tell the story they want"

For games that need less than 8 or so hours to tell their story, they will pad the game, so they will have at least those 8-10 hours. Most people don't want to pay full price for short games, so you get padding. Affects longer games less, but still does to an extent. The reason we have so many useless collectibles and repetitive tasks.

IRetrouk30d ago

Damn, never thought I'd see the day a long lasting game would be seen as a negative, or even questioned lol, did the multiverse do another cross over I missed? Somethings gone terribly wrong in this timeline.

Tross30d ago

I know in recent years the trending thing has been people who have less time to play games complaining that it takes them longer to beat games, and therefore, that games should be shorter so they can have the accomplishment of beating them more often. I get that life gets in the way for many people, myself included, but that's hardly a game's fault. I'm glad this article is coming at it from a different angle. What is a valid complaint is when games tend to feel more and more repetitive by the time they're over.

IRetrouk30d ago

Yeah I'm with you there bud, even when I do get to sit down with my console the kids are at me to play psvr lol, I've not anywhere near as much time to game but i would never wish shorter games on anyone, unless designed that way lol, I also agree that a long repetitive game is no good, boredom is the number one killer of games lol

Vx_30d ago

Everything is negative these days... long.. negative, shorter... still negative.. different .. negative.. the same .. also negative.. and so on.

I say, ignore others opinions as they are nothing more than a chitchat fillers.

PhantomTommy30d ago

A lot of games are overlong these days and you can see why from the comments.. People have this perception that a longer game has more value, but I don't really remember the last time I played an epic single player story that justified its length. You could cut several hours from Red Dead 2 or The Last of Us 2 and have a tighter story overall. Then you have something like MGSV which took around 5 hours worth of unique content and copy-pasted it across 50 hours.

I played Red Dead 2 once, played MGSV once. I don't hate those games, but the mere thought of loading them up for a second playthrough makes me grimace and go play Resident Evil 4 for the hundredth time instead. Is that what games are now? Just one-and-done experiences? Or maybe I'm wrong and everybody jumped right back into new game plus after beating The Last of Us 2. Doubt it somehow.

CDbiggen30d ago

MGSV for sure, I've been playing through it again recently for the first time since launch. The first 15-20 hours are magic, but after that things really slow down as development gets slower, the costs get higher, there's no interesting plot to keep you going, and you see the same environment over and over.

Sunny_D30d ago

No I agree with you. I haven’t had the push to do the new game + mode for TLOU2 despite loving it. I also thought some parts (Abby section) could have benefitted from better pacing as well. What I have been doing instead is the encounters which are quick and fun broken up sections of the game to do cause I love the gameplay so much except they won’t give you all the weapons which is a reason to go back and do new game +.

dnAWE30d ago

But you get the sub-machinegun from the start of Seattle!

Youngindy2130d ago

LOL. MGSV was a good game, but man did it go on forever.

indysurfn30d ago

The legend of heroes trails of cold steel! That game was about as many words as the whole bible. And I HATED when it ended. ....Then the second game came longer and better....then the third....and I have pre paid for the fourth... I'd be sick if that game turned out to take me less than 200 hours while doing everything.

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