RE Village Survey Asks if Fans Would be Interested in a Demo, Hints at Existence of Xbox Lockhart

Capcom wants to know if you'd like to get a demo for Resident Evil Village down the road, and your answer should most certainly be "yes."

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sushimama35d ago

Even if you wouldn't play it, who wouldn't want a Demo out there? I personally would never play a potential demo because I want to go in fresh, but having the Demo available for people to try is a no-brainer. You don't need a survey to tell you that lol.

edwardmde34d ago

I’d agree for every other game but RE, after the demo experience of the last game. Taking the PT approach was awesome, giving a good feel for the game yet making it separate to what the full game would be.

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bouzebbal34d ago

I miss ps3 times where we got demo of every game before release.. No idea why they stopped doing that

ravens5234d ago

Haven't used my VR in the longest. I didnt even beat RE7. I have to hook it back up so I can get back in there!

mikeslemonade34d ago

No demo. I want the game to third person not fake RE plastered IP over a different game.

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TheEnigma31334d ago

I miss the good days when every game had a demo.

DJStotty34d ago

The good old demo disc on the games magazines, them were the days.

CaptainCook34d ago

Luckily Phil Spencer saved the day when he announced 60 game demos.

Between July 21 - July 27, the Summer Game Fest Demo Event will let Xbox One owners try out over 60 brand-new game demos for upcoming

Kavorklestein34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yeah that was a nifty little announcement.
I'm okay with Alpha, beta, or Concept demos that will differ from the final product and will be glitchy or need more polish. I like that I'll at least get to play something brand new and get a feel for new games without spending and money at all.
I remember PC demos were my fave as a kid. I'd download PC demos for just about anything under the sun since they were free. Got to sample lots of good things back in the early 2000's. I also miss the Demo discs we used to get on consoles.
Those used to tide me over with something new to play when I was saving up for a full priced game.

lelo2play34d ago

A demo, specially before the official game release, is always a positive thing for the consumer.

RaidenBlack34d ago

It also shows, the devs are confident with their work and are ready to fine tune the final product.

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