Sony Files A Patent To Enable Game Emulation Across PS1, PS2, PS3 Titles Via Streaming

Sony has filed a patent which enables game emulation across PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles via cloud streaming., which could be implemented into PlayStation Now.

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darthv72383d ago

Wonder if they would make it so if you popped in a physical disc (PS3 for example), it checks the disc and then lets you stream a version of that game from their servers? You wont have to install or download anything, it just plays as if it was playing from the disc but it is coming right from Sony. Any game that you verified via disc then gets added to a cloud library which you could then access / play on any compatible device that you sign in on with your profile.

ThinkThink382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

That could work for some of their games but I would think that unless the game is actually running off the disc, the same legal licensing issues would still apply.

Thomaticus382d ago

Not if you’re just paying for the emulation as a service.

Eonjay382d ago

I'm actually intrigued by how these virtual machines work. Are they emulating the actual consoles themselves?

RaidenBlack382d ago

Experience becomes irritating when internet starts to lag during stream.
I just want an offline local experience.
I won't mind the native resolution during early stages of the local backwards compatibility.
They can later on release patches for improved resolution and frame-rates.
One at a time.

Fist4achin382d ago

But then that takes money out of Sony's pockets. I doubt they'll go that far. I wish. I clutch my BC PS3 tightly and wouldn't give it up as I still buy and play games going back to ps1 days.

Lukejrl382d ago

Same running an orginal fat 14 years old

umair_s51382d ago

Loved the original fat. Mine died last year. Still have a super slim in good condition.

Thomaticus382d ago

They can make the BC. Feature of ps now.... or find a way to charge for BC. If it adds trophy support to old games and back up might be worth the price....maybe.

SirBruce382d ago

Antipirate measures are obsolete with older disc formats, so... it would be like... "free games for everybody". Maybe it is not a good idea.

Mr_Writer85382d ago

And how would Sony make money on that? Charging people to play discs wouldn't go down well.

And Sony will need to fund the service some how. Whilst it's a nice idea, very few companies will do something that makes a loss and has little to no chance of making a profit.

Fist4achin382d ago

Sony would rather have BC as a feature to buy and play games digitally rather than having it as a physical function for long time game collectors to just be able to put in their old discs and playing that way.

rainslacker382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Old games could still be sold digitally, which would make them money. Not sure it would make them enough to make up the cost to stream a game in its entirety though. It's not like publishers are agreeing with MS form of emulation because they are nice like that, they do it because it gives them the opportunity to make money on the sale of digital copies for those that don't have the game already.

The_Hooligan382d ago

That would be great! Definitely start with putting all first party games on it and then slowly put third party games. I think if this ever becomes a reality, it could really draw more people to the service.

Now, I am not a tech person so I don't know if this kind of service would add better resolution, trophies, frame rate, etc. If it is able to do that, even better.

Father__Merrin382d ago

That would work for fast fiber users

LightofDarkness382d ago

PS4 literally can't read CDs. They removed the capability to cut costs. Try it yourself and see.

Stanjara382d ago

You have to pay for psnow and even if you have your discs, it's pointless.

382d ago
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SegaSaturn669382d ago

Streaming nowadays sometimes allows you to download, right?

ThinkThink382d ago

Better than nothing, especially if it's free.

Jin_Sakai382d ago

Not really. I’m not playing games being streamed. It’s nothing like a local experience.

sampsonon382d ago

The ps5 SSD + architecture should make streaming next level, no?

Ricegum382d ago


Streaming is 99% internet reliant. Hardware doesn't make much of a difference to poor quality and input lag.

Kaze88382d ago

Simpler the game, better it runs when streamed? IDK at least when I tried PS Now it felt like smaller and low lag games like fighting games (still would not play online, but playing 2p vs was okay) or some fps games ran better than for example assassins creed games or new tomb raider. Like ps1 and ps2 games are small as fk and does not take very much power to run or transfer your inputs etc.

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Lexreborn2382d ago

Honestly, would be a great alternative. I have ps now for 60 a year. It was justified for me when I beat Control, The Evil Within 2 and tons of kids games that my boys love(gamepass and now has saved so much for me).

If they add more and as infrastructure gets even better over the next 5 years. I’m down, perhaps even as the platform evolves partial assets can install to run it better? Who knows, the future is vast and amazing.

HarryMasonHerpderp382d ago

The problem with PS Now for me anyway is that the streaming is terrible. I'm on around 50mbs and the quality is very poor. On the plus side you can download ps4 games, on the downside all PS3 games are streamed and they're unplayable. I really don't want backwards compatibility this way personally.

LucasRuinedChildhood382d ago (Edited 382d ago )


Let us pray that we will still get real backwards compatibility with improvements to resolution and framerates, and that this is just a cool alternative. MGS4 upscaled to 4K would definitely be worth a replay.

meganick382d ago

Hopefully the service will offer a download option.

phoenixwing382d ago

I don't have fast internet so I agree.

Bronxs15382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

To download and play the games ps5 would have to actually have backward compatibility. It doesn’t. So it’s just streaming of old games. Unlike Xbox which is actually back compat. You can download og Xbox or 360 games and actually play them on the hardware. A lot of times with titles like red dead on 360 they are offered in native 4K and better performance. On series x it’s another level of faster performance and loading and introduces HDR to old gen games as well. All natively on the hardware. No streaming.

meganick382d ago

Backward compatibility on Xbox One is emulated, not native. There’s no reason PS5 couldn’t emulate old games.