Insomniac: Making Online Multiplayer Modes Is Hard - But users have a word in the development

Softpedia writes: "Resistance is currently one of the best shooter series for the PlayStation 3, winning a big number of fans with the first title, Resistance: Fall of Man, which was bundled with the first PS3 consoles and which gave players a top notch experience. It took them in a parallel 1950's world where a virus called the Chimera mutated people and was set out to destroy the world.

With the second game, Resistance 2, launched just a few weeks ago, the studio that developed it, Insomniac Games, is really happy that critics are praising the title for its new and innovative features, and especially because of its very well polished online multiplayer mode. This delivers a quality experience to all the players and a well balanced gameplay to all the participants."

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4239d ago
Gue14239d ago

I find ironic all this websites praising L4D and rating it with great scores and giving bad scores to R2 when R2 offers more than L4D in every aspect.

graphically is better
better story
more modes to play (online 60p competitive, 1p campaign, 8p co-op)

Gunner_Ali4239d ago

R2 great game had lots of fun especially co-op
plus just bought PS3 add me gunner_ali