Why $70 PS5 and Xbox Series X Games Make Sense...but the Timing Couldn't Be Worse

"Production values have all gone up, so it’s understandable if prices do too. But it’s not that simple." - Ryan McCaffrey, IGN

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demonseye37d ago

this is simply not true. they are making more than enough money. EA has not have a single year where they made a loss. and thats counting that they have the worse sales since times. cd projekt red show they earned more than enough money. they even could easily part with part of there money to some dck that wanted more. lets not even start saying activision. reality is they all earn insane amount of money. the problem is that investors are expecting more and more profits and thats whats bumping up the price. even if they will increase the sales price they wont stop microtransactions becuase investors expect it to be done.

1nsomniac37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Just stop already. Doesn’t matter how much you saturate the market with this agenda. People with half a brain cell are not going to suddenly think it’s ok to sell video games at £70 a pop!

Some of these companies are earning literally millions in profit alone. From just one product, that they rerelease yearly. This stupidity is insane!

Gridknac37d ago

In a time when a "free to play" title can rake in billions, your crazy if you think and extra $10 for a game is going to stop people from buying it. These are the same people that throw away $20 or more a week for useless cosmetics in a game. Now you think people are not going to buy the next Halo or Cyberpunk or Horizon game over $10? As much as we might not like it, there is no stopping it if thats the way the industry goes. For every 1 responsible gamer that tries to vote with their wallet, there's 100 that will throw their money away on anything. For the last few years people have paid $100 on season pass bundles to get a title with all of the content. Content that 15yrs ago would have been included in the base game. This $10 bump will be a non issue in a year.

starforge7136d ago

i for one will not pay £70+ for a game

FyBy36d ago

If PS5 is for 300 USD and games for 70, Im perfectly ok with it.

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