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Does Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise brew up another delicious pot of weirdness or has the series gone bitter with age?

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Chris_Wray80d ago

Well, despite the low review score I'll still be getting it. I loved the original so I've gotta give this a go!

Jackhass80d ago

Definitely a "mileage may vary" situation -- some may enjoy the game more.

Tross79d ago

If it's at all like the first game, I have no trouble believing that. I'm mixed about it myself. But, it's also something I'm glad to have experienced in spite of all that. So...sure, I can do it all over again.

Gamerking8280d ago

When I pick up a switch around winter I’ll pick this up. Loved the first so reviews really don’t mean much too me. Hell I liked metal gear survive and that got bombed to hell in reviews .

oakshin80d ago

That's a great really I will have this game once it gets ported the switch is for the kids mainly so no mature content sees the system

Jackhass80d ago

Haha, yeah, the kids might not exactly get this game.

oakshin80d ago

12,4, and new new born so yes it will be ported one day I don't get alot of switch time

King_Noctis79d ago

I know you're trolling, but you kindda contradict yourself right there. You say the Switch is for kid, yet mature game like this one release exclusively on it.

So which one is it?

oakshin79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

No my switch is for kids got 2 of them got problem with that? 3 kids 2 switches

King_Noctis79d ago

“ No my switch is for kids got 2 of them got problem with that? 3 kids 2 switches”

You still haven’t answered my question. You said the Switch is for kids, so why does this game release exclusively on the Switch? Or unless you wanted to say that you had bought two Switches for your 3 kids?

oakshin79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

MY switch is for MY kids there console so I have to be mindful of that what's so hard to understand

That's exactly what I'm saying dude wtf is wrong with your comprehension

I don't even get to play my copy of breath of the wild on the damn things go away

oakshin79d ago

I would like to point out the FACT the vast majority of Nintendos consoles are bought for children if that bothers you (obviously it does for some reason) nobody gives a fuck it's 2020

Razmiran79d ago

I have 0 intrest in this game, however the DP fans I know would get this game even if it scored a -3/10
It is a game with a strong cult following