Hideo Kojima Gets Lifetime Achievement Award

Hideo Kojima, the iconic creator of classics such as Snatcher, Policenauts and the Metal Gear series recieved a lifetime achievement award at the MTV video game awards.

krackchap5687d ago (Edited 5687d ago )

so deserving
best games on the playstation platform for 3 generations now

Ancient gen (PSone) : metal gear solid 1
Last gen (ps2) : metal gear solid 2/3
Current gen (ps3) : Metal gear solid 4

badz1495686d ago

he deserves it and MGS4 is awesome! I'm all for MGS4 GoTY 2008!

el_bandito5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

Its about time he gets lauded and honored for being one of the great minds in the gaming industry. And mind you guys he said that he won't retire! Yipee. Cant wait for his next game.

TheColbertinator5686d ago

Don't forget Zone of the Enders,Boktai and Lunar Knights

meepmoopmeep5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

Congrats Hideo,
you deserve it.

I look forward to your future games.
you are awesomeness!!!

Legion5686d ago

I was thrown aback by the 10 year remark. Then I figured it out,,, he is not being awarded for the full Metal Gear series,(of about 20years) but only the Metal Gear Solid renditions?? Why? The best one was the first! And I am not a classic gamer at heart, but I recall the first game being the true spirit of the Metal Gear series!

p.s. did he gwet a face left???!!! Whoa... how changes by years in every pic I see.

Mr_Bun5686d ago

Well done Hideo...well done!

SaiyanFury5686d ago


Despite your disagrees, the guy is a genious. The Metal Gear Solid series is one of the best series' in the world of gaming. I've loved everything he's done, from MGS to the ZOE series. One of the most visionary developers since Mario, he deserves accolades. People might disagree with me, but he has been an influential presence in the gaming world. MGS4 rocked. A bit heavy on cutscenes, but the game itself was magical. People that disagree haven't played the games. It's that simple.

shovelbum5686d ago

OVERRATED!! Only kidding. I didn't love the latest MGS installment and he sometimes says things that makes gamers scratch their heads (at least he's earned that right unlike others in gaming); his talent is undeniable. I still vividly remember moments from the first MG where the writing was amazing not only for a video game but in general. Congratulations Sir. Keep them coming.

meepmoopmeep5686d ago

lulz, disagrees don't sweat me, my friend :)
MSDF just doing their work :)

yeah, Hideo is a veteran in the gaming industry and brought a lot to gaming. can't wait to see what else he's got cooking in that crazy head of his.

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chewy3175687d ago

'i will continue to create games as long as i live' -Hideo Kojima

nice one.... be even nicer if the games are metal gear and on playstation =p

Rhythmattic5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

I Actually Hope he spreads his "AWESOMENESS" to all platforms...

I am a New to Console Gaming, and MGS4 was my first foray into the MGS Series.

I was truly BLOWN AWAY by its gameplay, story and Graphics.

And for this, as a gamer, I hope no one misses out on Hideo's Genius. Now and in the Future.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

'Hideo Kojima Gets Lifetime Trophy Award'!!! ;-D
Achievements are for sad xBot Zombie Lemmings with no achievements in there real life!!! ;-D

OMG!!! ;-P Jade in BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P ;-P ;-P

Rhythmattic5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

Holey Moley..

Whats with the Disagrees ???

tocrazed4you5687d ago

You earned it Mr. Hideo Kojimasan

The Matrix5686d ago

Kojima is a genius. Give bubbles if you concur.

n4gzz5686d ago

Mr. Kojima earned this. Bungie is very respectable developer too.