Here are seven minutes of higher quality & 60fps gameplay footage from Assassin's Creed Valhalla

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we shared 30 minutes of leaked gameplay footage from Assassin's Creed Valhalla. And today, a brand new gameplay video has been leaked online."

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Sonyslave328d ago

Damn they add a stamina bar

pwnmaster300027d ago

It looks like it’s only for dodging... idk how I feel about it yet. It also seems kind of slower don’t it.

Aeery27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Graphics look pretty bad.
Probably this is an old build or a console version or youtube compression.

27d ago
Looper27d ago

Gaming 101 sees no problem with a mystical beast teleporting all over the arena and summoning lightning but draws the line at female protagonists as unrealistic and you fools actually agree with him??

Are gamers all just a bunch of sad incels?

27d ago
stupidusername27d ago

Why are you blaming a game, where you can kick people up in the air and 4 meters away from you, teleport, jump 8 meters down without dying, stabbing and slashing people 10 times without them flinching and so on for being unrealistic when it comes to portrayal of woman’s strength? I’ve never seen a man do any of that in real life either. It’s fantasy, lol.
It seems that your only concern for realism is the portrayal of woman and not any other aspect... smh

Looper27d ago

It's a game based in fantasy so none of that shit you mentioned is of any relevance you inceled basement dweller.

Insanemaniak126d ago

Gaming101 Tennis and martial arts are completely different. I have no doubt almost 100% of females who religiously train at martial arts could wipe the floor with almost every man on this site.

When you look at females who compete often they've had to persevere more than any man and when it comes to a drawn out fight are less likely to give up because they're mentally more prepared.

Watch some UFC and then say its unrealistic because I know Id definitely get trashed and that you would too.

silvacrest26d ago


Dude, you must question yourself and ask why you even care?? why this bothers you in anyway

26d ago
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Crazyglues27d ago

This is trash... Hard Pass....

xer026d ago

The combat in the game play looks pretty lame.

mrsolidsteel2027d ago

Yeah that makes no sense, even it is for the dodge.

I wish these companies quit copying the Dark Souls formula.

Christopher27d ago

Just FYI, stamina bars have been around decades before Dark Souls.

morganfell27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

They have been and I never cared for them. I have been an Iaido and Kenjutsu practitioner for decades. I can't count the times I have cut with the katana 3 times and then couldn't move for a few seconds. No. Just no. Sekiro > Dark Souls. I am also tired of striking an antagonist with an edged weapon and the only thing damaged or reduced is their health bar. Its 2020. I have a collection of axes here - in reverence to my Norwegian and Danish lineage. I will guarantee if someone is struck with one they aren't going to keep dodging around. I get the gameplay elements - just completed Nioh 2 and am waiting on the first DLC. But someone needs to break the mold with these designs.

Sunny1234527d ago

Idk, this doesnt looks good. If this is next gen then I am actually disappointed. It needs a lot of more work. Such a lethargic fight.

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RaidenBlack27d ago

Is this even Assassins Creed? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Eamon27d ago

I've been asking this question since I first saw AC Odyssey gameplay.

Psychotica27d ago

Yeah? What makes you think otherwise?

wwinterj27d ago

Of course it is. The supernatural side? Yeah the first had a guy with a piece of Eden that gave him powers so this is nothing new. The stealth? Yeah you can still do stealth here. The combat? That's improved too. Having been with the series from the start I only welcome these improvements.

-Foxtrot27d ago

Graphics still look pretty bad for the end of this gen and next

Voice acting sounds terrible, just pick a default character, build them up and get a good voice actor

Looks the same as Odyssey and Origins in places

Oh and what's with all this fantasy stuff with magic or mythical creatures, the older games had their "out there" moments but it was on the Sci-Fi side not fantasy.

How long can Ubisoft get away with this, they literally use the "new theme" as a gimmick for each instalment. "Climb the pyramids" "be a spartan" "strike your enemies as a Viking warrior"

SickSinceSix27d ago

Origins and Odyssey had fantasy stuff too, like Medusa and those Trials of the Egyptian gods

Minute Man 72127d ago

I have both but no time to play them😒

RememberThe35727d ago

I thought Origins did it perfectly. That afterlife DLC was so dope, I just road around the fields endlessly. That was my jam.

-Foxtrot27d ago

This is my point really

Origins on ward has turned AC into a parody

VerminSC27d ago

They definitely need a major rework. Sure it’s a new game but same old formula over and over. They only way id play AC again is if they revitalized it like god of war did.

Christopher27d ago

They revitalized it with Origins and continued with Odyssey. This is what came of that.

And original AC games were the exact same issue, same formula over and over. So was God of War, to be honest.

Not saying you have to like it or should, but these arguments tend to be saying the same issues with general game development and not specific to just this one.

C4rnos27d ago

As usual Ubisoft seem completely devoid of creativity- if you've seen the For Honor documentary you can see that all the creative talent they do/did have they end up ousting over the course of their projects to make something so risk-free they might as well be copying and pasting their games, it's such a sad sight to see.

wwinterj27d ago

Origins onward was your rework. A Assassins Creed in the style of God of War would be interesting.

wwinterj27d ago

- I'll wait and see the graphics on my TV when I play the game.
- Voice acting does need improving.
- I feel the setting is different enough to stand out.
- Fantasy over Sci-Fi? So what? Given Egypt, Greece and the vikings have a greet pool of gods to pick from I enjoy these fights more then some guy with a magic apple.
- How long as you going to keep complaining about Assassin Creed games? I welcome the changes been made and the series moving into more of a RPG. The game after this will probably be the same. Something tells me the series isn't for you anymore and in that case it's time for you to move on.

-Foxtrot26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

So you’re saying is a game which started off more down to earth with sci-fi elements it makes more sense for magic, gods, and supernatural to exist rather then say you put it a “magic Apple” which was actually just high end technology another civilisation invented to control their genetically man made slaves.

Okay then...

Oh and I’ll complain anyway I see fit, literally over HALF of the comments here are negative so, I’ll wait for you to reply to everyone


Looks awful. Skipping this dumpster fire.

AngelicIceDiamond27d ago

We all wanted gameplay. Not sure what people were expecting. Its a last gen game through and through.

Decadent_Descent27d ago

But it's not coming out on the PS3/360. ?