Xbox Series X Games Showcase Predictions – Unlocked 451

Plus: should next-gen games go up to $70? Will Microsoft buy Mortal Kombat?

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Marquinho29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

"Will Microsoft buy Mortal Kombat"?

They're talking about Microsoft's interest into buying Warner Bros. Interactive, which includes big studios like Rocksteady (Batman Arkham... currently on a Suicide Squad game) Monolith Productions (Middle Earth Shadow games), NetherRealm (Mortal Kombat) , TT Games (Lego Games), Avalanche Software (Harry Potter RPG) and a good number of support studios.

Whether this happens or not is a mystery. EA, Activision and Take 2 are in the run as well... but if it does... just imagine how earth shattering this would be.

P.S. Batman, Harry Potter and others will still belong to their current proprietaries, but it looks MS would have the upper hand into licensing them.

RaidenBlack28d ago

What if every publisher gets a separate dev studio and its respective IPs?
Like, MS gets RockSteady. Take 2 gets Monolith Productions. EA gets Avalanche Software(bad luck for the devs). Activision gets NetherRealm.

Daniel218328d ago

I would hate for take 2 or ea to get WB.

Marquinho28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I don't think that would happen. Looks like AT&T wants to sell "meat and bones" altogether.

Also, keep in mind Microsoft paid 2.4B for Mojang (Minecraft)... so it doesn't look like a big deal in terms of money for MS. It IS a big deal in terms of time and effort overhauling such a big number of studios (more than 11)


Those are studio breakers. Microsoft's clearly the best option in terms of quality. I don't like the idea of Activision-Blizzard acquiring them either.

NeoGamer23228d ago

I doubt MS would buy the studios unless they also had a licensing agreement for at least 10 years for all the IPs as well.

Telltale would probably stay as a multi-platform studio like Mojang. Simply because the economics and demographics of Lego games lends itself to multi-platform.

The others would be up for debate.

No matter what this is becoming a disturbing trend. First spider-man, and now possibly batman becoming exclusives.

Marquinho28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'm not sure it's a bad thing. Being exclusives would probably make them even better titles.

Yeah, it's definitely bad news for those who can only afford 1 console... but if this happens and games like Batman become 1st party and fall on Game Pass, then acquiring them would be a matter of "only" buying the console, and the subscription.

Either way, buying both consoles seems to be the way to go next-gen.

NeoGamer23228d ago

I do not believe the status quo should be acceptable to gamers.

What you are saying is, "Too bad for gamers that can't afford both consoles". And if you can afford both consoles, "It is OK that console vendors are forcing you to pay $499 extra dollars just to play certain games".

To fanboys that may be good news. But, for gamers, why should I have to buy a bunch of consoles just so I can play a specific game I want to play? - To me this is ridiculous... There is not enough real technical difference between these consoles to justify spending at least probably $499 twice just so I can play a few games that aren't on the other console. Only fanboys want to have to buy a specific console. My thought... Buy whatever console you prefer and be able to play every game - There should be one console spec and allow me to choose the services I want.... PSN network, XBL Network, EA Access, PS Now, XB GamePass, etc. Mix and match however you want. Why make gamers buy more hardware to play every game?

People found it ridiculous when HD DVD and Blu-Ray were competing and getting different movie studios. Finally the movie industry figured out that supporting different formats was stupid. This is the exact same thing.

Marquinho28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


I'm not getting your point. Fanboys do not buy 2 consoles... they stick to the one they prefer and despise anything outside it.

Vendors do not force you to do anything. They just work to have the best lineup so they can sell their hardware. i.e. Sony locked Street Fighter V as a PS exclusive, and also secured rights for Spider-Man. That's what competition does... this is just how the market is.

What you're saying is a Pipe Dream. Of course I'd want, for example, to have all content on Netflix and get rid of Amazon, HBO and Disney Plus. Unfortunatelly it will not happen and I will have to chose between those 4 services. I currently only have Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In the case of consoles, exclusives will exist whether it's Batman, Spider-Man, Halo or God of War. If they make good titles out of them, I see it as a better offer than having Activision or EA like publishers, demolishing IPs like Mass Effect, FIFA or Call of Duty with very few exceptions like CD Project Red and others.

I'll be glad to buy two platforms in order to get the best of them. However, I understand this might be frustrating for those that can't afford them. But if you can and you just resist because it's not your "team's console"... then that's fanboyism.... senseless brand loyalty.

In the case of WB though, it's a market opportunity, It's not like Microsoft has been buying big IPs right and left.

NeoGamer23228d ago

I don't mind having to pay for services or content. aka Netflix vs. Crave vs Disney+ or whatever. I can get any of those by downloading the free app onto my set top box or console.

And that really is my point. One piece of hardware can access all those things. In the console world I have to buy multiple consoles (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) to be able to access all content. What I would rather see is a yearly console release to a specification created by the big three (they could keep three years of consoles on the market to get different price points), backwards compatibility for all content, be able to choose the console UI I like, the store I want to buy from, the network profile I want to belong to, the subscriptions services I like, and be able to play any game made for console no matter who makes the game.

This is not a pipe dream. Really this only makes sense and would grow the games market because instead of paying about $1,500 for all three consoles and accessories, I could pay $500 for one console and accessories and have $1,000 left to buy games, subscriptions, and services. Tell me how that would be bad for competition?

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Daniel218328d ago

If Microsoft does buy WB it’s massive serious big move . ..... Doubt they would make the games exclusive to Xbox and pc, too much money to be made. but maybe a timed exclusive?

Will definitely help them gain some serious market share .

Marquinho28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

There's always Nintendo. And this would have a serious impact on Xbox's Marketshare. Heck, Series X will have a big impact with current studios Nevertheless.

Minute Man 72128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Real gamers out there are interested in what Micro has to offer. If it's more of the same this will probably be their last console

Dissidia28d ago

15 Studios, a new console that's doubled down on power and you think this could possibly be their last console in any scenario? Good luck with that thinking

darthv7228d ago

I know most would rather MS drop out of the console space and go 3rd party... a deal this big could be what pushes them over that edge and into that realm of possibility. MS Games Studios could support their own platform(s) as well as others with a big stable of 3rd party titles.