Modern Warfare OK Gesture Stealth Removed

It seems Infinity Ward has stealth removed the Modern Warfare OK gesture from MP and Warzone without any explanation, with people in the community pointing to its white supremacist connections as the cause.

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TheRealTedCruz37d ago

And now the children are safe.

NealGamby37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yep. Kill and maim others all you like. Blow arms and legs off. Just don't have a hand gesture that has been around since the beginning of time anymore because some people have tried to change what it means. It might make someones fweeings hut. Yeah, makes sense. /s

36d ago
morganfell36d ago

"Takes out 'okay' signal, adds in virtue signal."

I hate that I have to laugh at that. Sad, funny, and true all in one.

uGLYmE36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It also sounds like you’re arguing that if violence is displayed, racism should get a pass as well????

And also arguing against change, which is what all racists do.

morganfell36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"And also arguing against change, which is what all racists do."

Sounds like you are arguing in favor of the thought police. This is another case of left reactionary BS and people climbing on the bandwagon of herd stupidity and no one knows the damn destination. No more spelling the number 9 for deaf people.

And the okay symbol is not a white power symbol. Maybe YOU should do some research before you start defending such a ridiculous act of sheer ignorance. What's next? Pointing a weapon at someone in a game is racist?

UnSelf36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

White supremacy?

Where I’m from, this means youre Blood and you’re not you better fix your fingers asap

L7CHAPEL36d ago

no it's not the fault of the idiots that decided to use it for the symbol of a noose, and make it part of their cause.

I love how it's never the fault of the f**kheads that initiate this to begin with, it's always because a major company has to comply with pressure from all sorts of directions.

because it's not "👌" to be a dickhead,
not Withstanding,
I served in the military combat MOS for 10 years, and in an active fire situation ? I've never seen anybody giving an okay symbol,
I've see thumbs-up/hang loose=🤙 many times but not the okay symbol,

NotoriousWhiz36d ago

Racists can use any symbol they want. Doesn't mean we have to listen to them.

Sophisticated_Chap36d ago


If that's the case, then clearly, your unit was doing it wrong.

morganfell36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


If you ever sat at a console on an aircraft and switched to your bottles for a HALO jump you would have seen it a lot. If you were ever on a dive team and looked at your buddies prior to going subsurface you would have seen it a lot. Because its a designated symbol in the navy dive manual (its how you signal the Dive Sup you are good to go on the surface and its used underwater - because you don't do it vocally in either circumstance) we often used it not only diving but in non dive situations. You make the okay symbol in front of you, bring it in and tap your left pec, and then extend it out again. The military uses it a great deal in specific circumstances. In addition to those instances we employed it often in visible hours letting other people know our stack was up and ready.

Nicaragua35d ago

Its commonly used in scuba diving to check in with your dive buddies and indicate "I'm OK". In that situation you cant use a thumbs up because that would be a signal that you are going to ascend to the surface.

uuurgh... I dont know why Im bothering trying to justify it. This is so freaking dumb

sampsonon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

"Just don't have a hand gesture that has been around since the beginning of time anymore because some people have tried to change what it means."

The swastika wasn't always related to the Nazis, but like the "OK" sign, it took on a totally different meaning.

Stop being so naive.

Takwin35d ago

Sometimes meanings of symbols are changed and become racist or homophobic. They must be removed.

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SierraGuy36d ago ShowReplies(2)
Hakuoro36d ago

Of course let's not blame the people who changed the meaning into a hate symbol and definitely don't blame the people who used it in game to spread hate. Nope they aren't part of the problem at all.

got_dam36d ago

I've heard people say its hate symbol, but have never actually seen it used outside of the tinfoil hat documentaries about Jay z and beyonce being illuminati

Hungryalpaca36d ago

It’s not a hate symbol. It was done as a joke to see if the media would fall for it and...they did.

RememberThe35736d ago

It's all over the place. Military academy students flaunted it on ESPN, cops keep getting suspended and fired for taking pictures flashing the symbol. It's not a secret, and outside of the internet real organizations are taking it seriously. It's hard for me to fathom the level of ignorance needed to think white power isn't a problem.

Hakuoro36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


I knew this was a racist sign years ago... So your telling me that after all these years they started this as prank on the media?

I'd like to think you're just deflecting, but I know that people actually believe crazy stuff like this...

Oh well what can I expect when so many people get their news off 4chan

morganfell36d ago

You are so anti racist you see racism where none exists.

BlackTar18736d ago


Why don't you do some research? It was 100% turned into hate symbol as a joke and it's well documented.

it's people like you that are issues with this stuff. You regurgitate what the MSM tells you without ever looking for the truth yourself.

L7CHAPEL36d ago

funny I posted almost the same thing,
I didn't read through the comments first, I just posted after reading the article.
glad to see somebody else sees it in a rational way.
it's not like they're removing anything game-changing.
although it would be really nice if they could remove all the hackers and cheaters.

DerfDerf36d ago


The military student was playing the circle game first of all but yes people get in all kinds of shit over it because people like you see someone throwing up the ok sign and then you start bitching and moaning about it and try to turn it into something it's not.Just because you want something to be a reality doesn't make it one. If white supremacy was as prevalent as you think it is then the BLM movement wouldn't exist because there would be no one around to start it even. If White supremacy was so prevalent why wouldn't they just end it all now. White people have the overwhelming numbers in the U.S as well as majority of all the guns and it's not even close really. It wouldn't even be a fight. It would be over in an instant. If it was so prevalent you can be damn sure this looting and rioting would have been stopped in an instant. They wouldn't just sit back and let it happen. There is only one group in America that has been systematically taught to hate and I can assure you it's not white people.

frostypants35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The whole thing was a 4chan hoax in the first place. People are so, so stupid. SO stupid.

Has ANYONE here actually met a person who has used this as a hate symbol?

RememberThe35735d ago

You're gullible AF if you think they were playing the circle game. I grew up playing that shit and that's not how it's played. And what do you say abut Kavanaugh's assistant flashing it during his confirmation hearing? She was playing the circle game on national television while her boss was try to get on the Supreme Court? She held it right next to her face, circle game is below the waste and if you look you get punched. That's it, that's the circle game. You think a federal judge keeps clerks that play games during their confirmation hearings? Nah man, shes telling all those Q weirdos that she's riding with them. Micheal Flynn just posted some Q shit too, a bunch of Trump's people have been flashing that Q shit. But I'm paranoid and delusional for calling it what it is?

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rainslacker36d ago

This is really dumb. White supremacist co-opt a hand gesture that has been used since I was a child to mean, "OK", and now it's considered offensive. Maybe instead of going after the gesture, they go after the context, and just hate white supremacist and tell them to stop being dicks.

I mean hell....this is the official OK symbol for sign language. That's where it originated. Guess we should ban deaf people, or those who want to talk to them.

Hungryalpaca36d ago

They didn’t actually co opt it. It was a troll to see if people would fall for it and they did.

RememberThe35736d ago

So Acti has to take on incessant racism instead of just removing an animation? That's asking quite a lot more than we ask of our own society.

morganfell36d ago

Whoa hold on there rainslacker. You can't just run around on a forum and spout common sense like its common (when it obviously is not). We're going to have to suspend your privileges for putting some actual thought into a post.

rainslacker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


I'm aware, but people are using it to mean that, which only helps for it to actually become such a thing. Things like this usually happen gradually over a period of time.


Why not? haven't they recently said how they're all about not condoning harassment or bigotry? Seems actually trying to educate people would be more productive than some random stealth removal of a hand gesture to avoid potential public scrutiny. Seems it'd be better for them to actually take appropriate action against those using the symbol in a hateful way to prove they were doing something about it, instead of just saying some pretty words to the public, and thus, show that such ill intentions on their servers were not acceptable by those using the symbol in negative ways.

That seems like it would be much more productive use of their time....except it isn't, and they don't actually care.

However, yeah, I do 100% agree that that is more than we ask of society. Not more than I personally ask of it, but society often proves that it has great power to disappoint.

morganfell36d ago

"That seems like it would be much more productive use of their time....except it isn't, and they don't actually care."

Exactly. These companies wouldn't do anything if they didn't have to and I can't say I blame them. I don't need prices going up because companies are being forced into social activism by the cancel culture. "If you are not openly for us then you are against us." That's how it works with these clowns.

RememberThe35736d ago

I have a hard time believing you actually thought about that response. You want Acti to preach to their gamers instead of just removing an animation that's been weirdly coopted? That doesn't make any sense. What do you think would happen to Morgan's head if Acti ran some anti racisms video before you could start the game. Poor guy wouldn't be able to survive such audacity. Why not send this energy to the dip shits out here turning everyday stuff into their racist secret handshakes? I don't know man, maybe I'm too anti racist that I'm missing something but this seems like a very simple solution to a stupidly complex issue.

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RememberThe35736d ago

You're really gonna sit here and act like that doesn't mean white power to these Nazis? They'll tell you it means white power, what's the point of acting like it's some hysteria? When I was a kid that meant OK, and that's literally how they hide it in plain sight now. They throw it up to each other, giggle, then act like it was just a OK sign who would ever support white power? You all can't be this dense.

Hungryalpaca36d ago

What Nazis? All 5000 of them? It still means ok. You’re just incredibly gullible.

RememberThe35736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

So you admit that the symbol for them means white power and then say I'm gullible for believing that as well? Come on man. White supremacists are a problem not an army and I never said otherwise.

DCarnage36d ago

This comment isn't stupid... It's advanced stupid.

Chaos_Order35d ago

The point is, by this logic, people could claim that ANY gesture is now a symbol of white supremacy. Thumbs up? Jazz hands? The peace sign? Live long and prosper? Nope, all banned. If people claim they're doing it for racist reasons, we should do away with all of its historical use.

That is literally what you are proposing. You may not realise it, but you are helping racists. Stop. Helping. Racists.

garos8235d ago

@rememberthe357 oh grow up already. You really thik "the nazis" are everywhere. Absolutely pathetic

RememberThe35735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Choas: I don't disagree. But that's how shit works. Faggot used to mean a bundle of sticks til a bunch of hatful dipshits turned it into a slur.

@ the other two: I'm not even saying they should have taken the animation out. But here you all are ready to attack me because I see something you won't admit to. I didn't say that the OK symbol mean white power to you, I didn't say it mean white power to me, I said it meant white power to them. How the fk is that stupid? How the fk am I wrong? You all are such a fkn hive mind you don't even read the shit you responding to. But you keep insulting me and calling me out for shit I didn't say, I'll be here to call you right back.

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ravinash35d ago

Are people not aware that this symbol is offensive in some countries?

The Wood35d ago

I thought it was more to do with devil worship than white supremacy. The 3 6's. Infinity ward should clear it up

CptDville35d ago

Did you know that in Brazil such gesture stands for F. You.
Prolly one of the reasons (even though killing people seems more offensive than that)

Noctis35d ago

Okay but everyone that is leaving such vile negative comments, do you not have empathy? Learn to read the fucking room .
Yes it might be an innocent symbol but right now we have to take into consideration the feelings of others (yeah i said the F word) and learn to read the room. I thought the gaming community was about helping each other through highs and lows, when did it become so toxic we invalidate other's personal struggles? Imagine gaming all your life to end up a villain in real life?

sampsonon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

No, people of colour are safer. Perhaps you don't understand what is going on in the world. look at the cop and what he does with his hand and look how the protester responds right away.

For the love of god people can't be this naive.
Or perhaps you are part of the problem, i don't know.

For once in you life try to see through other people's eyes.

loftlanser35d ago

"For once in you life try to see through other people's eyes."

Maybe try to live by your own words? Maybe try to see things through the eyes of 95%+ of the western population that only knows this symbol as a sign to mean ok? What about sign-language? Just a thought, though I suspect you don't care. After all, begin rational about this wouldn't give you a reason to be angry and talk down to people.

The Swastika situation is literally the opposite. 95%+ of western people only know or recognise it as a symbol of hate, despite its origins.

A tiny minority of people, the vast majority of which are in the U.S, shouldn't get to vilify a friendly symbol to the point that people get fired or lose work. Think of it this way - it could be you next if you encourage such an intolerant and reactionary society.

30d ago
dietis_h35d ago

that's so stupid, lol.
might as well remove the guns and explosions too.

TheScotsman35d ago

lets hope they dont remove my emoji fro m whatsapp

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Majin-vegeta37d ago

Just shows how gullible and stupid the media is..

excaliburps36d ago

I think maybe it's a case of better safe than sorry? I mean, people are using that sign for bad stuff (even if it started as a joke). That said, yeah, I do understand why it shouldn't have come to this.

FBNS36d ago

Might as well ban everything then so we don't risk offending anyone... /S

36d ago
Hungryalpaca36d ago

Nazis drink water! Quick stop drinking water!

RgR35d ago

And what if the next thing is eating chicken?
What if someone bad says eating chicken is a symbol of white supremacy?

There are things to take seriously and things that we shouldn't take seriously. And in all situations context matters. This situation is very similar to that of socialist/communist countries where certain actions are banned. Freedom of expression is suppressed. Always in the name of good of course.

BloodyBorne35d ago

No they aren’t . You’re just a mindless drone.

30d ago
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Limitedtimestruggle36d ago ShowReplies(3)
Keltech36d ago

SMH goodness gracious! Don't the fingers have to point down for the suppose WP sign

Abnor_Mal36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I forgot about the white power supposed meaning, and was thinking more about the mark of the beast 666.

Granted I didn't read the article, because the gesture to me will always mean "OK".

Gamerking8236d ago

Always meant ok to me also, granted I never really used it because you know I’m a grown ass man that can speak, but I might now just start using it to piss these people off.

SierraGuy36d ago

I always interpreted it as "perfect" or "good job"'s these millennial babies that now have a phone to type/talk....and they've infiltrated Activision so it will just go to hell with retarded br modes and pink guns.

Go fk yourself again Actishit.

uGLYmE36d ago

“Granted I didn't read the article”

You sound like a republican politician 😂

Shiore2u36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It started out as an 4chan operation to get the media to label an innocent hand gesture as a white supremacist symbol with fake how to guides on it's meaning spammed throughout twitter so gullible normies and the media make something out of nothing to show normies with an actual brain how stupid these people and companies are, and most of the media still hasn't figured that out.

35d ago
SeanScythe35d ago

"You sound like a republican politician"

As opposed to "We have to pass the Bill to see what's in it?" - Nancy P. referring to Obamacare 2000+ page bill.

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PertySlick36d ago

The standard "okay" hand gesture was associated to white supremacy as a joke or trolling on 4Chan years ago (2017?). Now that joke has apparently been made "reality" . Pretty sad. The Internet is revealing humanity for what we are: sheep...

JackBNimble36d ago

Humanity... no , this is the marxist left.
Everything going on in the world today is a result of the ass backwards left trying to change the world as we know it.
If they ever get what they wish for it wouldn't be long before they regret it.

Hungryalpaca36d ago

Yea I remember when that 4chan joke started. 4chan also did it with “it’s ok to be white” and somehow that also was a hate message.

American media is REALLY dumb. They’ll fall for anything and not bother checking what happened.

RememberThe35736d ago

It was made reality by white supremacists outside the bubble of 4chan. They're doing the same thing with the Q stuff. They're just repeating shit they see. They're too stupid to realize it's all a troll so they coopt it thinking the punchline is a philosophy. Then we get dumb shit like this. Stop making dumbass jokes that your dumbass uncle is gonna spread everywhere he goes.

Gamerking8236d ago

I mean if it was the hitler salute I would understand but come on man . People are taking this offensive crap to the next level lately . It’s getting old real fast .

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Kran36d ago

Your arm can be the "stroke" for the P by the way.

Not saying they're right to remove it, they're totally not and this is stupid, but hey ho.