Ex-Bungie Exec Spills the Beans on Activision Deal, Says "It Turned Out as Bad as We Thought"

Former Bungie exec and music composer Marty O'Donnell sheds light on the Activision-Bungie deal, and drops a few bombs along the way.

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Hakuoro75d ago

I feel like there is a lesson here for developers overly eager to give control to a big publisher.

Nitrowolf275d ago

Agreed, but in the end Bungie did make the right call IMO at ensuring they keep the IP

Sonic-and-Crash75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Imagine what a shty deal was agreed between Sony and lame activision , where Sony gave all the bluprints for developping the original legendary status Crash games(remember original ps1 Crash games belong to Sony) and Activision just gave them mediocre remakes and 1 year of exclusivity...activision is a bunch of vultures ..Sony should have never agreed to give original Crash to these thieves

Mr_cheese75d ago

Sony never owned Crash Bandicoot, they only ever published it...

1Victor74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

@sonic Sony never owned crash or spiro naughty dog did and they sold it to activision then after Sony purchased naughty dog actually it was universal that owned the crash ip they when down and activision got it while Sony got ND

CaptainHenry91675d ago

They should have stayed with Microsoft

75d ago
Nitrowolf275d ago

So did Microsoft according to Marty, but Bungie would have to give IP ownership so it was a no brainer for them then

Marquinho74d ago

Microsoft has already overcome their departure... whereas Bungie never reached the success or quality they did with under Microsoft.

Godmars29075d ago

One likely never to be learned given far too many examples.

xTonyMontana74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

There isn't that many large independents left, fortunately CDPR came out and said no which is probably the most important one.

Reefskye74d ago

Bungie knew, they worked with activision before just like when the CoD devs left for EA they know what EA is like as theu made medal of honor for them

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Minute Man 72175d ago

I didn't understand it in the end, they left microsoft because they wanted to do something different than Halo (fps) but then they made Destiny (another fps)

Ricegum75d ago

Maybe they were getting tired of the Halo lore and wanted to make something a little different and more interesting.

Minute Man 72175d ago

If GG can switch in up, so can Bungie

RacerX75d ago

I agree. I enjoy Destiny more than Halo personally.

Bnet34369d ago

lol yeah too bad Destiny was cool but story wise, it was poo poo compared to what they created with Halo

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sinspirit75d ago

Bungie didn't even write Reach. They didn't want to develop it but decided to give MS another shot at allowing them to do a new IP after being pushed to do it, but they still wanted Halo so they said everyones gonna leave whether they keep the Bungie name or not and MS let them go

RosweeSon75d ago

They just want to get all the profits and own the IP.

jts189175d ago

Destiny was originally supposed to be a third person fantasy game. However, early on in development Bungie realized they had no idea how to make one, and defaulted back to what they did know.

spicelicka74d ago

Why does different have to be different in every way? A new universe, new story, new lore, new sub-genre, new gameplay mechanics, new music, new platforms, new community, etc. The whole shared world concept was not something they had done before. You want them to make a racing game just so they fit your definition of "different"?? You might as well say the shouldn't have made a video game because Halo is a video game.

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Harryvok75d ago

Are we using this as an excuse for the horrible state of the game now? I gave up on it.

excaliburps75d ago

New season isn't bad though. There's also the new DLC in September...

Harryvok75d ago

I tried it. Thought it was just as bad as the last one. As for the new DLC, they burnt me with Shadowkeep which i thought was an awful DLC.

KyRo75d ago

Shadow Keep was dreadful and nit worth the money. People kicked off about the annual pass being the same price as the DLC for Forsaken so they introduced seasons which equates to more money than what you would have paid for the annual pass.

Destiny 2 is one of the most expensive games out there. You get so very little content for what you pay for and you all blamed Activision but the greed continues well after they left.

RememberThe35775d ago

No, but I think there are a few of us who feel a little validated in our initial criticism of the deal. We'd seen what Acti did to COD and we expected the same with anything Bungie would make for them. We were mostly right.

AizenSosuke75d ago

Big publishers can be evil in part to investors that should leave the art alone as it is art.