Watch Dogs 2, Street Fighter V, Hello Neighbor join PS Now in July (NA)

Hack San Francisco, battle World Warriors and uncover dark secrets in your neighborhood.

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sushimama31d ago

Damn that's another great month. Street Fighter V oh yeah

Marquinho31d ago

Seeing at this, I do believe Sony needs something similar to Game Pass.

KyRo31d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of Xbox. Their exclusives, UI and controller are not to my liking but the Gamepass is absolutely levels above PS now.

Sony need to cull a lot of the filler on the service which is unfortunately a lot, scale it back but get more heavy hitters on there than will want people to to subscribe. I would sub in a heartbeat if it offered anything in the range that Gamepass offered.

Mr Logic31d ago

Am I missing something? Let's compare PS Now to Game Pass.

-1st party games being day and date

+ ability to stream games ON TOP of downloading (PS3 excluded)

xTonyMontana31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Why? I have the PC pass and a lot of their stuff is super buggy.. I was so excited for PSO2.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

There's quite a few AAA titles on PS Now (and good ones), I'd be curious to see a count of them vs. GamePass. You can already stream on GamePass too as well as download.
The con is that 1st party games don't come out day 1 on PSNow. When MS starts to approach the quantity of good 1st party exclusives that Sony has, we'll see if they decide to change their policy.

Marquinho31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@ Everyone...

Are all new 1st and 3rd party exclusives releasing day 1 on PS Now?

.... Then you can't even try to compare them.

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

I have gamepass (for PC), and PS Now.
Gamepass for PC is missing titles, and it's still a better value than PS Now, though I enjoy both.
The people downvoting that idea, well, I dont know what to say.

Marquinho30d ago


If Sony announced something remotely similar to Game Pass, the same guys disagreeing would jump in a foot and say it's the best thing since the Internet was created.

Right now it's Microsoft's so it's faulty and overrated.

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CaptainCook31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Watch Dogs 2 is going to be free on PC this 12th July.

TGGJustin31d ago

The Turing Test and Infinite Minigolf were also added but for some reason the PS Blog doesn't list them.

Blastoise31d ago

Which is weird, cos they're arguably the more interesting games imo

Mr Logic31d ago

Yes, two budget indie games are more interesting to the general gaming audience vs two well received AAA games.


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oakshin31d ago

Tekken 7 leaves no room in the brain for other fighting games if you won't to get good

Lexreborn231d ago

I have been wanting to play Watchdogs 2 for a while but just know it wouldn’t hold my attention. Now I can see if that’s true

CaptainCook31d ago

If you own a PC you can grab Watch Dogs 2 for free on Uplay, on the 12th july

Lexreborn231d ago

I’ll pick it up there as well.

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

You get downvotes for simply stating facts lol.

Marquinho30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

lol... yeah wth... It's on Ubisoft's trailer. They're giving away Watch Dogs 2 the day of their event, so they can promote WD3.

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