Xbox Games Showcase: What to expect from the July event

Microsoft finally announced the date for its upcoming Xbox Series X first-party game showcase, which will broadcast July 23 at 9 a.m. Pacific.

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pwnmaster300036d ago

I have really high hopes for this show for some reason.
Just like the PS5 event, I have a feeling this showing will be excellent.

darthv7236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I recently watched video about the story and cancellation of Scalebound and for some reason I have a feeling MS is secretly working on finishing it. Not that it would be shown at this event, but at some point we may see the dragon riders rise from the ashes like the phoenix.

Phil made a statement a little while ago about it not being worked on, but what if that was intentional? To throw people off the scent. Using one of their (recent) in house teams to shore up the work that PG started and put some UE5 spin on it to make it an SX generation game. Wishful thinking I know, but if MS comes away with a few surprises at the event then you can't say THIS could never happen.

If Capcom can recently resurrect the notion of Deep Down then MS can do the same with Scalebound.

(bring on the disagrees)

Ricegum36d ago

I think it's definitely a possibility. I'm still salty Scalebound was cancelled. If they show that it'll be huge. Would love to see some more Backwards compatibility stuff too, with higher refresh rates and ray-tracing to older titles.

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago

Since we're fantasy booking.

A surprise Phantom Dust reboot return. Dark Side games was the developer that was working on the reboot. They ran out of funding and MS didn't quit publishing them. Why because MS felt it wasn't meeting their expectations. So they cancelled the project in 2015 and did a HD remake of the old on in 2017. This is the thing Phil NEVER cancelled the project he said he was still committed to it. My speculation? MS Japan studio forms and announces Phantom Dust reboot coming in 21 for X1 for X Series. If you've never heard of it PD is a real time Action Strategy fighter card game for OG Xbox. It was ahead of its time from a technical/graphical and game play standpoint. Fully destructible environments and some amazing effects. Again this was all on 7th gen Xbox. My favorite game of all time. Will it happen? Its a coin flip actually they said the door was open and Phil was still looking forward to it.

Btw @Darth If MS Japan Studio is a thing they could revive Scalebound there. LMAO none of this is gonna happen sadly.

Godmars29036d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Using one of their in house teams to shore up the work that PG started..."



At most I'd expect - hope for - Halo Infinite "gameplay" that's largely staged, 3rd party live demos and lot of CG trailers.

That has literally been MS at their "best".

WGAF36d ago


I would give up my 1st born if they rebooted phantom dust. MAN best game ever period IMO. It is even more fitting now that arena types of games are becoming more dominant. Can't believe how such brilliant game never get a proper remake, prequel or sequel or even copied by anyone? It is mind boggling.

I can imagine a prequel would flesh out more of the trio relationship there.

timotim36d ago

You really brought up Scalebound!?!? Let it go, like Frozen. Its done.

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RaidenBlack36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Just show teasers of what Initiative and Obsidian are upto, as well as gameplay of Rare's Everwild.

Minute Man 72136d ago

I think Everwild will be RT heavy

Minute Man 72136d ago

Disagrees for saying "I think Everwild will be Ray Trace heavy"

RazzerRedux35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

you are whining over two disagrees? lol

East76lands36d ago

Same, think it's going to generate a lot of hype towards Xbox, naturally Playstation will respond and things could really start hotting up. I'm starting to get that next-gen buzz.

timotim36d ago

Xbox also has an even lined up for next month and every month leading up til next-gen.

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago

It's said Sony will respond not too long after their event. A State Of Play in August. It's also said they "cleverly" held back some announcements and saved it for August in response to MS. Then MS will have its S event along with the Price.

Haven't seen Sony and MS compete like this since early 360 and PS3 days. Glad both are in strong positions this time around.

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Marquinho35d ago

Rumors are that we won't be seeing The Initiative's title, since the studio has just founded in 2008, so don't get your hopes high for this one. Nevertheless, MS can still pull a hell of a show with Playground, Obsidian, 343 Industries, inXile and Turn 10 games.

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RazzerRedux36d ago

"Whether this is Fable or not doesn’t really matter to me. Even if it is, I expect it to act as a clean reboot. What matters to me is Playground Games. That studio has continually crushed the Forza Horizon games, and I’m ready to see the studio take on an open-world on foot."

Agree with that 100%. Fable or not, this is probably the most anticipated game coming from Microsoft for me.

TGGJustin36d ago

I don't know why anyone would be shocked to hear that The Initiative's game won't be here. That studio just got formed 2 years ago and they had to build a team etc. Games take a long time to make. Also if Fable does get shown don't expect to be playing it anytime soon. Playground's second team has also still been being built over the past few years so that game is probably 2022 at the earliest.

King_Noctis36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Playground’s second team, i.e. the Fable team, has 200 staff and began development since around January 2018. It’s been more than two years now, and with that amount of staff, I’m thinking they will at least have something to show. But you’re right, release date might be a long way off depending on how fast Playground develops game and if whether or not MS’s RPG studios like Obsidian and inXile are helping with the project.

RazzerRedux36d ago

Playground had a bit of an advantage as they were already a formed company spawning off a new team. The Initiative is built from the ground up so more challenges in getting started. I will be somewhat disappointed if they don't show something, but I can understand it given the circumstances.

Having said all that, it would behoove Microsoft to tell gamers in advance what NOT to expect from the event. Time to deflate expectations is now if it is needed.

TGGJustin36d ago

Yeah I'm sure it will be shown but I think the game is still a ways off. Again it takes a lot of studios usually 3-4 years to do a sequel let alone a reboot of an old IP while you are building a team to do it. At the minimum you should expect it to take them 5 years to make it which would put it around 2022 at the earliest.

IRetrouk36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'm expecting to see forza 8, its coming up to 3 years since 7 released, really looking forward to seeing the new engine and physics system they have been working on.

BenRC0136d ago

Still gotta run on weaker/old hardware so don't expect too big a jump.

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