Final Fantasy VII Remake's creators on updating one of the world's most-loved games

Producer Yoshinori Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi describe the responsibilities and opportunities of recreating a stone-cold classic

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zacfoldor26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I admit the FFVII remake was amazing, but there just wasn't enough of it. I hope that once they finish they release a director's cut of the game that splices them all together. I think it would have really been a 10/10 if they had completed the whole game, no matter how the over/open world ended up being. Of course, the original game is huge and I understand why it ended up like this. After finishing the game, I felt it was in very good hands, but also it felt bittersweet because I wanted to play the rest of it. As a game developer, I would imagine that is the exact feeling they were trying to invoke. Also, the music, and the VA(both Japanese and English) were absolutely some of the best imo. When it's ready, I'm in for more content, day 1.

It may not be my GotY this year so far, but it will be close. Nioh 2, P5R, and Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition were also amazing.

26d ago
Babadook726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

This is definitely my goty until i finish TLoU2 and can judge between them. I personally thought there was plenty of game in the remake. I clocked in at 63 hrs. It did leave me wanting the next parts but I’ll gladly take a break in the mean time.

bouzebbal26d ago

Still playing it today since day one.. Can't get enough of it Ff7 is one of my favorite of all time and this one is somehow so addictive and soundtrack is awesome

AK9126d ago

I hope they don't try to make part 2 smaller like Nomura wants also would love to see FF7R done on UE5 that game would be glorious.