Watch Dogs Legion Screenshots Leaked

Quite a few Watch Dogs Legion screenshots have been leaked out well before Ubisoft's digital event on July 12, showing off some gameplay.

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bovandy240d ago

I think I'm gonna like this game!

stefd75240d ago

Blimey i forgot all about this game

Germaximus240d ago

Leaked? They showed a ton of gameplay like a year ago.

Father__Merrin240d ago

This game will be incredible and even better watchdogs 2 is free from Sunday on uplay

Profchaos240d ago

Only if you log in during the 45 minute Uplay show window at the end if the TrackMania introduction and the end of the show.

For me it really sucks I have to be up at 4 am in Australia to grab a free copy.

Skywalker333240d ago

Youtubers & Influencers (And I am being very specific on this as Ubisoft is very frankly pushing aside medium & small traditional media and going instead to youtubers and influencers) have played quite a few hours of Legion, Valhalla and some other stuff over the last few days, so that they can release their videos with their previews and thoughts after the Ubisoft Event on the 12th.

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