Final Fantasy XIII -- ATB revamped?

It seems the people over at Square-Enix are having a little mercy on their fans. You remember the FFXIII trailer, don't you? With that weird slidey-bar thing at the bottom that looked like a menu slapped on to fool people into believing that what they were looking at was real-time? Motomu Toriyama sat down with Famitsu magazine and delivered some details on the gameplay and the story...

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FFVIIFan4910d ago

Though none has really been like described in the article. FFXII was the first to let you move freely around during the fight and introduced seemless transition to the series. So this seems like a continuation in that direction, and it does seem to be a more western approach. While it is different, I think Square-Enix has always found a way to change their formula just enough to keep it refreshing yet satisfy loyals. It looks great so far.

DJ4910d ago

And making the series' battle system more and more automated actually seems like a good thing.

BIadestarX4910d ago

I agree... let's just hope they don't eventually make the entire game "automated" and one can no longer play the game; instead just sit and watch.

kornbeaner4909d ago

FF7 battle system with some tweaks would be great. FF7 battle system with RE4 or Shenmue type interactivity with the world might be pretty awesome. Reason is that for me after FF7 I really liked to summon the monsters and see the cinematic parts.

AllroundGamer4909d ago

I dont like the new real time battles in jRPGs. The oldschool turnbase system is the best for me, its more strategic than a stupid button mashing. But yesterday i played the new Rouge Galaxy, and they made the realtime battles realy fun, you dont lose the overview in battle, like in other jRPGs with the same battle system. FFXII was in my eyes just like an MMORPG style game, which sucked...

Bebedora4909d ago

I have to agree some with you about the automated battles in FFXII. With gambits on and setup correctly, I can just use the walk controlls and farm gold/XP/LP all night long. This is good in this regard, but in complex and critical situations, this is bad.

You can still press that button to stop and use a more turnbased style...but you have to have splitvision to control what the 3-5 other monsters do on a split of a second. Well, it's new and may improve to something real good in the end? (FFXIII)