S.C.A.R. Pre-release Gameplay

The Tutorial was a challenge as the jumping and grapple physics are not like most games. Thankfully things were much easier in the main game as can been seen after the Tutorial.

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TheCaptainKuchiki36d ago

Is this indie? Cause the graphics hum...

Garethvk36d ago

Yes, as you can see the physics in the Tutorial were tough but much smoother in the game.

dolfa36d ago

Is this suppose to be fun? I cant see any in it.

Garethvk36d ago

The Tutorial was bad. Once I got into the core game it was better as you can see later in the video.

dolfa36d ago

You mean the ninja harpoon you can use? This was already done in Half Life:OF some decades ago. If there is no deeper gameplay mechanic included in the game then it is just generic quake clone.

Garethvk35d ago

It is very retro for sure. I am honestly getting bored with it already.