In Defense Pokémon Unite

Jacob S. from Link-Cable Writes: "A couple of weeks ago, Pokémon fans from around the globe were treated to another Pokémon Presents and what came from the event was met with a mixed reception. Pokémon Unite is the next installment to the Pocket Monster franchise and while the idea of a Pokémon based MOBA definitely has potential, the announcement was met with a lukewarm reception. Not for the game itself, but in the fashion it was presented, but it seems as though the reaction by fans to Pokémon Unite was a bit harsh and seeing the amount of negativity surrounding this announcement was surely unwarranted."

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Agent_00_Revan39d ago

Not really much to defend here. They hyped up an announcement for an solo reveal, which this game didn't need, to a market that this game isn't even for. This game was funded by and was designed primarily for the Chinese market. Similar to the mobile Diablo game. But they decided to show it off to the western market, as if they will care. Nintendo and Tencent partnered to make this game.

If they had announced this BEFORE Pokémon Snap, it wouldn't be a big deal. But it was because they had the Snap announcement and then hyped up another reveal that was the problem for many people.