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Game Critics: I finished The Last Of Us Part II feeling depressed, but not for the reasons the developer might have intended — Naughty Dog is an immensely talented studio with resources that many devs can only dream of, yet their achievements in presentation are held back by a lack of mechanical evolution and uninspired gameplay.

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Lack of mechanical evolution, and uninspired gameplay? You must’ve played it on easy to hit your deadline, and never dove into the mechanics

Knushwood Butt30d ago


Very minor spoilers of some cool things that happened during my first playthrough:

Hit by an arrow that passed through one or two car windows. I was hiding behind the car thinking I was safe. Wrong!!

Was hiding under a train when an enemy dragged me out by the feet.

Smashed a window and the debris and/or gust of air knocked a lamp shade off a lamp. Totally minor, but very cool and an example of just how much attention to detail there is in this game.

My backpack unintentionally smashed some glass while I was moving around in a corridor. Again, not necessary but great for immersion.

Deathdeliverer30d ago

The attention to detail alone is staggering and much of it affects gameplay.

VerminSC30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yeah that complaint just doesn’t fly, the gameplay is VASTLY different and improved from the original.

Prone mechanic, quick throw, dodge and melee combat, horse combat, enemy communication system, new crafting, new weapons, manually dislodging arrows, dragged out of cover.. I could go on. All NEW mechanics

RosweeSon29d ago

It’s ridiculous seen this a couple of times now so a game on its second entry is meant to suddenly revolutionise its own series. Yet Resi original trilogy were all the same changed after 4/5 entries (code Veronica as well) pokemon was the same for years (as much as I love the series) call of duty as good as it was got away with a solid 5 entries year after year before any complaints of this is the same old, and it was modern warfare the original was game changing but apart from the time jumps going backwards to WW2 etc the multiplayer and mechanics were same for years no one batted an eyelid. 😑🤷🏻‍♂️

ZeroBlue229d ago

Yeah, I have major complaints about the game, but none of them have to do with gameplay, which was quite engaging and fun IMO.

rainslacker29d ago

Yeah. The game was technically better in the game play department in every way. Even the oft griped about immersion breaking AI of your companions not triggering the enemy when breaking stealth was done well I this game.

Game wasnt super innovative in any game play element, but it was about as solid as it could be, and it did have really good stealth elements to it.

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Bathyj30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Can't agree with this "lack of mechanical evolution and uninspired gameplay." Everything in this game has been spit shined to perfection.

The controls are amazing. The UI, everything is a step above the original. Prone made such a difference to the stealth. The combat is tense like no other game. I would play this game for the gameplay itself even if it had no story.

The only thing I would love is let me shoulder swap when I'm not aiming and horse combat.

Other than that I couldn't fault it mechanistically or from a gameplay perspective. But that's just me.

SyntheticForm30d ago

Completely agreed.

On top of all that it's just good, brutal fun with such immersive animation and facial expressions. It's so well done; it's true prowess in gamecraft.

Unbelievable on its own, and even more so considering the constraints of the PS4 hardware.

RazzerRedux29d ago

I'm not quite done with the game, but I agree with both of you. I'm not reading reviews at this point but "uninspired gameplay" is simply a joke. Whatever problems people have with the game (still haven't figured it out other than the social issue aspect which is just silly), gameplay shouldn't be one of them at all.

rainslacker29d ago

Only thing I would have liked more is if the combat sections were more frequent, or less spread out through the levels. You could go a while without any combat. But, that's because the combat was pretty good

SyntheticForm29d ago

See, the point you make about combat is something I actually give ND credit for here, but for a different reason.

We've all played games where we clear out a group of bad guys in an area, just to walk through a door leading to a new area (right next to the area we just finished) with more bad guys. If you think like me you're always puzzled as to why the people on the other side of the door (the next area) didn't hear the massive battle that literally just took place on the other side. The fights and areas they took place in made sense.

The same goes for collectibles in the game.

After years of gaming I've been trained to check every recess, every corner, every alcove, and every off-the-beaten-path area, because that's how developers place collectibles. Not in this game. I can't tell you how much time I spent combing all these areas just to end up with a quadrant of a plastic bottle at best. The collectibles were all in places that made sense. Even some of the supplies made sense contextually.

Naughty Dog did a great job taking these video gamey things and making them feeling less video gamey.

rainslacker29d ago

I didn't mind the adventuring parts as well. That wasn't what I was trying to imply. More that sometimes they were so spread out, you could go for quite some time without ever getting into combat. Often times right as you started out towards a new area after starting a section or day....after hub moments I guess. There were times where you could fight a group of people, then go right to the next section with no segway though, but I think they were all Clicker areas.

And yeah. there were a lot of places where you explored but didn't find anything. It's why I ended up using the Sonar feature after my 2nd play through to do the last bit of collecting, because some of those things I never would have found. Like at the gate to Seattle where you throw the generator cord over the building. The places you found them did make sense....mostly for non-craft items at least. But, there were still usually a lot of those areas in the game that also didn't have those items. nothing wrong with that though. It does encourage exploration.

Sunny1234530d ago

Uninspired gameplay? Lack of mechanical evolution ? What t f is this guy on about? I don't think he played the game, but watched a bunch of reviews and is now talking bs.

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Deathdeliverer30d ago

I finished the game today and it is phenomenal to me. A lot of people can’t get over the obvious heart breaking parts and drag the game. Say it doesn’t sway your decisions all you want but it does. The immersion in the game is so unreal, the effects on the environments, the dialog, and the story is incredibly awesome. I do wish they put a choice in your hands at the end, but all in all, there’s no way this game gets under a 9 and 10s are fully justified. It’s a dark game and I honestly felt like it was just too mature for a lot of people. My wife watched me from beginning to end and she wanted certain characters dead at certain times and by the time the credits rolled she was the first to say her feelings. Game is incredible and a 10/10.

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