4 hardest boss fights in PlayStation history

There is no better feeling than the rush you get after beating a hard boss fight, and there are plenty on PlayStation. The PlayStation ecosystem has been in our lives for 26 years, so it’s no surprise that many epic fights have been had.

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BillyG0AT27d ago

I could never beat the final boss on Dark Cloud as a kid. Still bugs me to this day that does

DarXyde27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Dark Genie was a pain. I remember that fight too well.

I notice a few people have said Flamelurker, and it's really interesting to hear everyone give a different opinion of who was the toughest boss in those games. It says something about everyone's play style, I think. I never thought Flamelurker was bad, but Maneater seriously pissed me off. Fume Knight was rough, but not my personal pick for worst bosses.

I tend to do poorly against dragon bosses, and so, Black Dragon Kalameet was the worst boss I've actually beaten. There's literally only one Souls boss I never beat, and that's Darkeater Midir so...I guess I'd have to say they're the toughest for me.

bloop27d ago

Had a similar experience with Bloodborne. When commenting on an article here about the hardest boss in the game I said it was that bastard you fight on the roof of the church who's name I can't remember now. Funnily enough, he didn't seem to cause anyone else major problems, but everyone else's opinion of most difficult bosses I seemed to have no problem with. Very interesting.

Can we all agree the Valkyrie Queen was an absolute bitch and a half though?

Black-Helghast27d ago

@bloop you mean orphan of kos? The dude hitting you with his placenta? Than yeah

Marquinho27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I've beaten the Valkyrie Queen on Hard mode in God of War... and yes. That was very though... until I memorized all her moves (and upgraded the hell of Kratos)

But none of those get close to what it is to beat the toughest bosses in Sekiro. The key here is that, unlike all other games, farming will help you upgrading to a point so you will find it less difficult to kill a big boss. In Sekiro that doesn't exists. You will only be able to upgrade your strength by killing those bosses that have you so frustrated that more than 90% of gamers couldn't beat it.

In other words, in Sekiro it's not the character skills that needs to upgrade in order to advance... it's the player's. BTW I did beat that game... and almost took me to tears. 😂

morganfell27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I played God of War on Give Me God Of War difficulty from the beginning. The reason being is you only get one chance to fight a boss on the hardest difficulty. If you choose an easier mode and fight a boss then fight them later on the hardest mode, it isn't truly the toughest that boss will be on your very first encounter because now you know them. And to be honest I wanted that Platinum Trophy.

The Queen had her way with me for part of a day. Souls games and Nioh titles are for me about patience, maintaining enough range, and picking your time to attack. Sekiro differs greatly and is one of the reasons some Souls veterans were screaming. That game wants you to close with the enemy. Wants you in breathing in their face. And in many respects it is a rhythm game. God of War splits those two variances in combat depending on the enemy.

The Queen is about maintaining distance and being patient. Many of her attacks cannot be interrupted except with Atreus. So after getting spanked a few times, I paused for a bit and tweaked my equipment. She shares a style with two other Valkyries. My key was equipment and slotting. Not only what I felt countered her and assisted me but also items that complimented one another. A good item in a slot might not be as helpful as two lesser items that work in unison. First I equipped my self with Ivaldi's Pauldron, Gauntlet, and Waistbelt of the Endless Mist. All provide constant health regeneration and are stackable up to 5 times. I slotted the Blades of Chaos with The Gift of Apollo so that every hit gave health along with damaging the queen. Then in my Waistbelt I slotted Aurvandil's Fiery Shard that extends The Gift Of Apollo time. Added to this I employed The Talisman of the Realms to shift and slow her down to a crawl. And I made sure my Spartan Rage was full.

Every attack she has can be blocked or dodged if you stay away from her and fight the natural tendency and desire to go try and cave her head in. At the end of certain attacks she pauses for a few seconds. Or have Atreus shock her. During those moments I employed The Talisman of Realms. While in that shift I could wail away with the now extended Gift of Apollo. You can't Realm Shift that often but once you employ the right attack you can keep her in a stunned state as you whip her with the blades doing heavy damage and maxing your health. Then dart away and play the patience game again. Spartan Rage was for when her health was down to about a 1/4. Then its clobbering time.

morganfell27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

One other note:

"I've beaten the Valkyrie Queen on Hard mode in God of War... and yes. That was very though... until I memorized all her moves (and upgraded the hell of Kratos)"

That last part of the statement doesn't make sense because by the time you can fight Sigrun you must have collected all of the other Valkyrie helmets. This pretty much puts you near the end of the game. So Kratos should be well upgraded by then. You can't fight her early in the game and say "I need to go upgrade the hell out of Kratos first". Not only do you need to have defeated the other 8 but they are all side quests (so is Sigrun the Valkyrie Queen) and you need to have completed story missions and elements just to get to Odin's Hidden Chambers in various areas where the 8 are located. By simple story progression Kratos is pretty well buffed by then.

morganfell27d ago

And finally there is no Hard mode in God of War. You have four choices:

Give Me A Story
Give Me A Balanced Experience
Give Me A Challenge
Give Me God Of War.

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Name Last Name27d ago

I couldn’t dodge Ebrietas for the life of me.

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Sunny1234527d ago

Flamelurker demon souls. Thats the one I remember being the most annoying. There were quite a few in dark souls dlc and bloodborne dlc. Fumeknight gave me a tough time as well. Orphan of kos wasn't too bad though.

solideagle27d ago

yeah, he was tough even against my mage, it took me 2-3 tries. pew pew.

It took me a week to kill Valkyrie queen on "Give me God of War" difficulty. I am not sure why I didn't try her on normal difficulty and went straight to "Give me God of War". She was very challenging.

Sunny1234527d ago

Mage build yup. I went pure quality build in my 1st playthrough. After that all souls game I went mage. Even though they nerfed mage, was still op. Sigurd the Valkyrie queen took me like 4 hours to master her on give me god of war. I have no idea why skolas is on the list though

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Fist4achin27d ago

Anyone else have issues with the boss in Heavenly Sword?

WolfDevin27d ago

Yup! I had just gotten a PS3 and that was one of the first games I picked up. Still to this day never could finish the boss fight.

REDGUM27d ago

Yes, the very last fight in the game when you are 1st surrounded by the battle before it opens up and you then have to fight the main one.

I never finished this game because of it. I remember reading somewhere there was a glitch so that made the last part impossible to complete, i can't confirm that though.

refocusedman27d ago

I beat heaven sword. Such a great game, it was a little slow to start but, after an hr or 2 I was hooked. Shame that It never got a sequel.

19d ago
Yui_Suzumiya26d ago

I could never beat the final boss either

19d ago
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