Modern Warfare Merc Foregrip Buffs Movement Speed After Latest Patch

It seems the Modern Warfare 1.23 patch included a Modern Warfare Merc foregrip buff that made movement speed faster when it's equipped on a weapon.

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cyclindk26d ago

When will they just take mo-cap data on this stuff and give real-world effects to these attachments instead of the non-sensical pros/cons.

Take some averages from several operators and then apply the averages incrementally via an XP system (based on player weapon-use) and bang, you got yourself a sensible and appropriately scalable model.

excaliburps26d ago

At this point, I'd be happy with actual documented changes. LOL! I mean, the in-game stats meters are wrong too. I bet 90 percent of the population playing the game don't even know that.

franwex26d ago

I was suspecting the meters were off. I don’t exactly know what 100 or 200 meters looks like in real life-but it does give me some way of gaging how far something is.

I guess it’s Modern Warfare Meters rather than Metric Meters.