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Iron Man VR is a good game bogged down by long load times that can make or break the experience. If you own PlayStation VR, this is a good reason to unpack your unit, but don’t expect this to sell systems.

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jukins35d ago

This hurts the game so much. Loading is long and frequent even when teleporting during tony stark sections ive waited 10 seconds to teleport 1 space. BUT once you get into iron man segments you forget about the load times until they pop up again.

Game is really fun. Really feel like iron man. Side boosting enemies then boost straight up in the air and rain fire or flying and doing the classic iron man hands out in front stop will never get old.

That said if you have vr and have good vr legs get this game its definetky worth it. Haven't had to many tracking issues and I've been spinning 360

Abnor_Mal35d ago

Does the game play require that you stand up to play?

jukins34d ago

Imo you need to stand. Because of how you maneuver your arms for flying its hard to put your arms straight back in a chair not to mention turning around