PS5/Xbox Series X GPU Will Be Great for Some Devs,But “The Majority” Won’t Use It to Its Fullest:Dev

CBE Software Jan Kavan doesn’t expect too many developers to push next-gen hardware to its limits.

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Vits29d ago

Well, duh?
If you consider all developers, you are putting AAA, AA and Indies in the same boat. And the last are by far the majority .While the vast majority of indie games are not exactly famous for pushing hardware.

Marquinho29d ago

Happens in every single generation... not really news.

mikeslemonade29d ago

AAA will be using it to the fullest basically within one year if not in six months after launch.

rainslacker29d ago

Wont stop gamingbolt asking devs that wont use the full potential how theyll use that full potential. Ironically, this is the dev telling gamingbolt directly, so they cant claim they arent aware.

abstractel28d ago

I often says this; different devs have different opinions. I've had devs swear to me that UE4 would never be broadly adopted by many triple A studios. Others got onboard quickly. Just like artists, programmers have different views of how to approach the future.

Devs have motivations to express themselves for marketing/getting noticed. Others just answer questions while in the boundary of their NDAs.

It'll be really interesting if they port Dreams to PS5, or release a Dreams 2 sooner rather than later as in my humble opinion, their engine is genius. PS5 version I think would blow our minds. Don't know enough about UE5 and if it's using some sort of hybrid voxel/polygon engine to achieve what they have.

blackblades29d ago

Only the most talented will use them to there full potential.

DarXyde29d ago

"Only the best- resourced will use them to their full potential."

Fixed that for you.

Eonjay29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They are both extraordinarily powerful in their own right meaning you can get great results without maxing them out. It wouldn't make sense for everyone to max out each console. And a lot of titles don't need that at all.

The only game I can day truly max's out a console truly this gen is TLoU Part 2 and that was at least 6 years in development.

No game will max out these machines for quite some time.

stuna129d ago

Not understanding your response to blackblades comment!? Are you insinuating that a better funded game trumps talented developers making a game?

Call of Duty is a well funded or as you put it best- resourced game, but on the grand scheme of things it's literally stagnant in creativity! Yet a new ip shown by Sony's showcase called Kina was in fact developed by two brothers with limited resources, but somehow manage to steal the show in many peoples eyes.

So yes I disagree with your comment.

nirwanda29d ago

Over 800 GB would be a big game to use the ps5 to its fullest won't have long to wait till the next call of duty🤣

DarXyde29d ago


Not at all what I meant.

Resources are beyond finance. That INCLUDES having a talented team, creativity, ingenuity, and dedication.

An example: money in the absence of outright talent is when get publishers/ developers like EA, Activision, and the like. They don't ever really get the full potential of a console. These studios are also lacking in creativity, ingenuity, but they are dedicated to their microtransactions.

Talent in the absence of budget is when you get the visionary titles that don't really maximize a console's capability. Studios like Housemarque, Kojima Productions, Platinumgames, Red Barrels, Thomas Happ Games, and even Sony Japan studio. They've made great titles, but the scale and scope are limited.

But when you have a studio with the gamut of
resources (the talent, creativity, ingenuity, dedication, AND budget) you get Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Rockstar, etc.

See the difference? I corrected blackblades because it didn't go far enough, not because talent isn't important. Talent is a part of their resource capacity.

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Knightofelemia29d ago

The only ones who will push the GPU are the in house studios which is a shame I want every bang for my buck and with games suppose to be going up an extra $10 I want my games utilizing the GPU. Studios not utilizing the GPU are just lazy indies I can see but not big named games.

Rainbowcookie29d ago

I wanted to ask do you even game ? 😂

Knightofelemia29d ago

I didn't mean indies as lazy it was a typo I don't see indies pushing the GPU I am calling bigger studios like EA lazy who would never fully utilize the GPU

Critic4l_Strik329d ago

the importance of punctuation makes a hella of a difference. "are just lazy. Indies..."

CaptainHenry91629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They will definitely be using the SSD though lol. I would like to see a loading time comparison with both console's running multiplatform and third party games

anonymousfan29d ago

Cant wait for digital foundry's analysis :). Not that it would affect my purchasing decision but its nice to see what the hardware is capable of.

Eonjay29d ago

I don't think the PS5 is capable of losing a loading battle. I'm more interested in a FPS battle. They will both be similar resolutions so it's gonna come down to framerates.

Imortus_san29d ago

I fans saying the samething about the PS3 because the mandatory installs, and the console lost a ton of times to the Xbox 360 in loadings.

Eonjay29d ago


So based on what you know in 2020, what do you think is the most likely outcome?

Vits29d ago

With bad optimization is rather possible. Or if it hits a bottleneck when decompressing something. Though it will be more likely that it will be faster at loading times. With the only question being how much faster. Because at least on PC, having a two time faster Nvme drive more often than not results in your game loading less than half a second faster.

Now I don't think we can expect much differences in FPS. Mainly because I don't think most publisher/developers care about. Though I can see some more intensive effects being more pronounced on one console over the other.

Kaze8828d ago

Uhm 3rd party developers always go for parity. Same assets, same models, same techniques on loading/streaming data, same FPS. The thing that always fluctuate the most, is resolution and using checker boarding (variable resolution). Just compare PS4 pro and Xbox One X: Usually XOX has a notch higher FPS and maybe a bit better graphical effects. Not to say that always was a good tough, some games running on higher resolution had FPS dips and timing sync problems (I cant recall which games they were, but you can find them on Digital foundry videos).

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Kiwi6628d ago

So will loading times become the new thing for fanboys to argue about

CaptainHenry91628d ago

The exclusives will and we pretty much know who's going to win that battle 😁

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