Biomutant Developers Clarifies Stance on Microtransactions; Plans for DLCs

Experiment 101 Studio Head Stefan Ljugqvist talked WellPlayed to reveal what plans they have for microtransactions and possibly future DLCs.

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sourOG1469d ago

“No microtransactions!”

I hate to say it but a costume post launch is a microtransaction. A perfectly acceptable MT in my view. The word has been so demonized that developers have to pretend they aren’t selling them.

This is a game made by a very small team and they have done a phenomenal job by the looks of it. Stop harassing them with this useless jargon. Buy another costume or 2 to support their efforts 😉

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Angyobangyo1469d ago

Support developers when it is deserved. Just because the dev team is small doesn't automatically they should be supported.

sourOG1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Absolutely. I did not mean to imply otherwise. Only that smaller devs need the MTs more than most and not all MTs are evil. They sound like they aren’t abusing it and releasing a full game. If you like biomutant then consider purchasing a costume or two, that’s all.

gigzamillion1469d ago

Been hearing about this game seems like forever, is it ever going to launch?

Outlawzz1469d ago

That's wt I'm wondering. Ps5 is going to be out and they'll still be talking about it releasing soon on PS4 lol

Elit3Nick1469d ago

It's because they announced it very early in its development, rather than a few years into it like most other devs.

Lore1469d ago

I believe they also had to rework the overall experience and length because the game is so rich in customization and me mechanical freedom that the original runtime they mentioned in 2017 (12 hours) would have somewhat been put to waste from all the effort they put into the gameplay loop. With all that said adding more content and things for the player to do has been more than likely what’s been taking so long. Their original release date was for 2018 and in 2017 they seemed very confident on that mark. So something big (in a positive way) must have happened

AK911469d ago

At this point I'm just going to get this game for PS5.

Gatsu1469d ago

Still no release date for it?

lellkay1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

No MT's, good! Absolutely sick of them.

I've started buying games preowned if they have MT's now.

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