Amazon Further Slashes & Adds More Games To Its AAA Game Sale

Daily Video Game writes: "The giant e-commerce platform Amazon has just added a wide range of new game deals to its AAA game sale for multiple gaming platforms that include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you're looking to pick up new AAA games to play right now, this is your chance to get them without going broke."

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Xenial1415d ago

Not bad at all. Perfect time to get Nioh 2: Special Edition. :)


Predator: Hunting Grounds Takes Aim at a Comeback

Following the announcement of an Xbox release for Predator: Hunting Grounds, Ilfonic has announced updates for the PlayStation edition.


Sony's PS4 Exclusive 'Predator: Hunting Grounds' Is Finally Coming To Xbox

The news was announced today by developer IllFonic, along with plans to implement various gameplay improvements and add more DLC over the next year-or-so. As you may recall, Predator: Hunting Grounds was originally published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, but the rights are now back in the hands of IllFonic and 20th Century Games.

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55d ago
crazyCoconuts55d ago

This was a free PS+ game like 3 years ago.... I liked it but didn't know anyone else playing it. I'm surprised devs are still working on it

just_looken54d ago

Probably a contract deal so many dead games out there have devs working on them.

I mean ea just gave 2042 2 more seasons those poor devs

ChronoJoe54d ago

A lot of people like 2042, it doesn't benefit EA to stop working on it, and I bet the devs are happy doing it too. If you want to feel sorry for any developers it should be based on their working conditions, not to fit whatever agenda of games you don't like.


I don't necessarily disagree with you, but amid massive layoffs from all sides, saying "poor devs" because they are working on games we don't care about sound a bit out of touch with reality.

just_looken54d ago


Its not in top 40 most played xbox games despite being free (gamepass) millions have gamepass but has hit over 10k worldwide on steam.

I say poor devs as they are forced to work on this despite they could be working on a new bf game or a whole new idea. Another example is that avengers game or babaloyns fall last year

Poor working conditions is a whole other way to common thing that needs to go but you can have both bad working conditions and a contract to make 5 skins a week that few users will see then 5 years of working on one title you get fired when you try for another job it comes off that you have 0 experience as you worked on one game that entire time.

Cacabunga54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

See, just writing the word exclusive in the title makes the news popular.. who said exclusives didn’t matter??

Never ever heard of this game.. God they try to give it another shot.

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helicoptergirl54d ago

56 Metacritic game. I heard it's really not good

DarXyde54d ago

No idea. Haven't played it.

More options are good however.

Elda54d ago

Welcoming an old tired game? LOL!!

Obscure_Observer54d ago

We welcome every game. Old and new.

Christopher53d ago

Look, am I a fan of games going more places? Absolutely. Am I a fan of this game or think others would get a ton of enjoyment out of it? No. But, you know what, if it's your thing, it's your thing. I got my games that suck. Just, hard to be happy that Xbox folk are getting this and maybe not something better.

53d ago
ZeekQuattro54d ago

You can't see the eyes of the demon until him come calling.