iPhone games put the heat on Sony, Nintendo

The iPhone has virtually no buttons but it has already emerged as a significant threat to Nintendo and Sony in the portable games market.

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Tubby McNutsack4247d ago

Is this a joke? How many big developers are supporting games on the iPhone? ROFL

buy a ps34247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

their are a couple. but over 90% of the games on the iphone are CRAP! 3/10 games.

buy a ps34247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

OOPS! WTF sorry somehow my comment got doubled. please mods delete this comment.

CloudsEnd4247d ago

Iphone got big labels like:

Conami with Steel Gear Soldier
Kapkom with Ultra Ground Fighter IX Omega Uppercut
Circle Enix with Last Phantasy XXXIV
Oobisoft with Prince Of Austria
Epig with Real Tournament

to call a view!

SL1M DADDY4247d ago

Nope, this article is wrong. Sorry, but playing games like Majong on the iPhone are ok but racers and shooters... Nope, no fun at all.

Qdog4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

I own an Ipod touch 16gb, and I tend to agree with Sl1m Daddy. As far as slower less coordinated puzzle games and point'n'click adventures go, the Itouch and Iphone are contenders, but first person shooters, action games, and racers are no-gos. I have Vay(an RPG remake), Billy Frontier(an arcade like shooter),Brain challenge(as the name implies), Aurora Feint: The Beginning(touch and clear, sequence based puzzle), Cannon Challenge( a trajectory based shooter), Crash Bandicoot Nitro Carts( racing game), CubicMan Lite (a quadrant sequence shifting puzzle), etc. The list goes on and on, and through extensive testing, and effort, using both the accelerometer, and touch-screen, I can safely say that as far as sheer programming capability goes, the PSP has the most refined platform development tools. Plus with face buttons as a standard, the DS and PSP have a gaming advantage over the ipod/iphone. Of note, is the fact that the vector graphics processor in the PSP and iphone are relatively the same, as far as being OpenGL based. So capability-wise, and with the screen refresh of the PSP, and refreshed design of the DSi, Sony and Nintendo have nothing to worry about, and Apple's biggest investment in new technology(accelerometer/touch -screen), may ultimately be the limiting factors for game programmers, and the Ipod/Iphone's ability to be a viable gaming platform.

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staub914247d ago

Im pretty sure the psp are doing just fine.

Danja4247d ago

umm i sorry but the the install base of the iPhone alone will gaurantee that it's not a serious threat to neither the PSP/DS.

ne ways whenever the day comes that I see a game like GOW;Chains of Olympus then I may actually consider it a threat to the PSP

Speed-Racer4247d ago

Ok then, I can't believe I got out of my grave to read this...

iPhone games giving Sony and Nintendo a hard time.... please

plain rice4247d ago

There's some potential I believe. Online gaming over the 3g/EDGE network. I've been playing some online poker on my iPhone and its really addicting. But the iPhone will never take off like the PSP or DS as a gaming device. No hardware buttons? HAHA. Mini games is the only thing it could pull off.

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