Naughty Dog condemns harassment as The Last of Us 2 developers face death threats

Naughty Dog has condemned harassment after a weekend in which The Last of Us 2 developers revealed death threats.

"Although we welcome critical discussion, we condemn any form of harassment or threats directed towards our team and cast," Naughty Dog said in a tweet.

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mrsolidsteel2029d ago

And stupid apparently. I’m done talking about this game.

You either like or you don’t, and that’s where it should stop.

But nope, you have these losers on YouTube that literally went on a hate campaign (that apparently still going on) about a fictional story that didn’t go the way they wanted it to go.

So yes, it’s sad, but it’s incredibly f$&king stupid at times.

amazingmax729d ago

it's OK to hate on a game, but the moment you start doing death threats and harassing the devs/voice actors/actresses then it's just stupid.

derek29d ago

I agree, these Youtubers hype up the hatred for the game and the creator's behind it.

Rocketisleague29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Hmm, I just got spoiled.

Anyway, sounds pretty mediocre, I dunno how many anime have gone that route. Cycle of violence blah blah. I wasn't expecting naruto in last of us lol. Anyway, naughty are good at telling stories, not making interesting ones. Need me some kojima for that. God of war maybe, I think god of war is my game of the gen overall. Sekiro for gameplay is a notch above but story wise god of war.

Anyway, the hate for this is just, funny for me. Get a grip. Just a game :/ go out and breath in that freshly covidified air death threaters

29d ago
zeuanimals29d ago


I can spoil plenty of things and give terrible synopses of those things to make them seem mediocre. God of War is also a much simpler story that doesn't ask much of the player. It even has its own cycle of violence that's gonna come back to bite Kratos and Atreus in the ass later, and that one's even harder to justify. TLOU2 asks the player if they're able to empathize with characters they've come to hate. It asks you how far are you willing to go and what closure can you find when it's all said and done?

Rocketisleague29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Yeah I get it Zeus, still not very interesting, maybe I'm too much of a nerd and have seen and played too many games, watched to any series and movies, probably the Same reason I was never a fan of uncharted plot. For me naughty play it safe story wise which is fine.

Their storytelling , characters and gameplay great are great. I mean an hour into the last of us 2 you can tell exactly where it's going. The only question for me is, will ellie do it or not in the end. Is revenge worth it. Can you empathize? It's literally what Naruto the series is about. One of the 2 main characters is the end villain. He's all about revenge the other is the hero. All about forgiveness. It's a done to death story. But you know, so is raiding tombs.

I take it there's not a plot twist in the last of us 2. You just find out Joel and abbey past. Just a normal revenge story with the question of revenge and empathy.

God of war ain't to new either I guess, just a bit rarer, father and son story was great and I couldn't tell where it was going exactly. Baldur a nice villain and the foreshadowing for sequels is great. For me it's a massive improvement over the original trilogy and style.

Pughski29d ago

Like Tyrone Magnus promoting all the hate and distain for the game

xTonyMontana29d ago

It doesn't justify the harassment at all but Sony sort of bought it on themselves with their censorship like Trish buttgate which they obviously changed but it plays into the whole "omg SJWs" knee jerk reaction sad losers have.

zeuanimals29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


Funny, I found God of War to be much more predictable, but being able to predict a story doesn't make it not good. It's also so similar to TLOU1 that it's no wonder you liked it. It was designed to be liked and enjoyable since the characters are likeable and they become closer, you become attached to the characters and their dynamics. TLOU2 doesn't try to evoke the same feelings as the first game, in fact, it's the one game that's ever made me feel as much grief as I would over someone I knew in real life dying. This was done by showing the loss of love, the absolute dicks children can be to their parents (and how terrible people can become), and the loss chance to amend that relationship before it's too late. It's not an enjoyable emotion, but it's a powerful and moving one. It makes me want to patch up my relationship with my parents cause one day it's gonna be too late. Especially these days.

It also makes me mourn for the person that Ellie once was. Like the song goes, if I ever were to lose you, I'd surely lose myself. And she did lose herself, and she's still lost. But by letting go of her hatred, she can finally move on.

tehpees329d ago


The developers themselves are not altogether innocent. Respawn's own community manager was cheerleading toxic behaviour from their own employees.

blackblades29d ago

Mental issue is real on you tube, they also brain washed my sister kids. All they do is watch you tube videos of people playing games definitely fortnite.

Dirtnapstor29d ago

TLOU2 totally reminded me of a M Night movie. There were so many Subtly's to take in. It was action packed with plenty of memorable moments. But also, it was a thinkers game. After the fact, the more I thought about what had gone down, how sequences were conveyed and why, the more I like it. Looking forward to new game +. It’s not a perfect game, but by no means is it trash as was expressed by so many YTers.

outsider162428d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I agree. Like you said.. apparently still going on. But did any of them make a youtube video to condemn all this threat and all? Nope. Haven't seen from Tyrone, Angry Joe...anything atleast?

You would think with the amount of viewers who follows them would atleast tell their fans/viewers..hate the story, characters but not the actors, writers, devs etc.

Nope nothing. Here's more a insight video why "The Last of Us 2 is a failure", " TLOU2 drops to 80% sales- good riddance"

Sad sad world we live now.

steven_seagull28d ago


Why waste ones energy hating on a game though?

SegaGamer28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Blaming Youtubers? Give me a break. Some people are just a**holes. Every Youtuber I watch that has criticised this game has also said to never personally attack the people involved.

Blaming Youtubers for the behaviour of others would be as bad as saying that gaming causes violence.

starchild28d ago

"You either like or you don’t, and that’s where it should stop.

But nope, you have these losers on YouTube that literally went on a hate campaign (that apparently still going on) about a fictional story that didn’t go the way they wanted it to go.

So yes, it’s sad, but it’s incredibly f$&king stupid at times."

How is that any different than what the majority of fanboys do on this site every day? Hating on games and platforms you don't like is a way of life around here. And now you want to cry foul just because it's one of your precious exclusives getting the hate?

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medman29d ago

People are so ignorant it's pathetic.

tontontam029d ago

Naughtydog did a really great job showing what "hatred" can do.

NeoGamer23228d ago

It is sad what has been created by the laws and leaders that govern the world.

It has been proven long ago that verbal abuse is just as bad if not worse than physical abuse. You physically abuse someone and you can end up in prison. You verbally abuse or verbally threaten to abuse people outside of your children and absolutely nothing happens.

Mithan28d ago

Many people are stupid, like the 2 down voters you have.

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anonymousfan29d ago

This is sad but kinda ironic when the game in question is about stopping the cycle of violence... At least that's what I understood from the ending of it?!

elazz29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


I understand that the game shows the path of the Last of Us. "Us" referring to humanity. Even in civilized Jackson that people wanted to see as the good guys there are people that just accept what Joel did and the moment a group went only after him the revenge story started. Everybody in the whole game was losing humanity. It seems that Lev brought it back into Abby. It seems that Abby and Lev indirectly brought humanity back to Ellie when it was almost too late.

When you finish the game you see the FireFly base.

When you're lost in the darkness, look for the light. I believe that is what the game was about and the story reflects this. Even though there was a lot of darkness there seems to be still some hope for humanity lingering around.

I do hope they make a third one and I do believe it will be a bit more hopeful if they continue with the Fireflies. California settings seems quite cool.

If you don't like the story telling that I can understand. There are a lot of flashbacks, 2 parallel timeline stories and a time jump. And even then it did feel they cut some content about Dina and Jesse. It reminded me of the Witcher TV show but in the game it was easier to follow because it was announced most of the time.

anonymousfan29d ago

I like your take on it! Ultimately though I think the story is still very patchy and at times poorly told with lots of loose ends even after all these long cutscenes.

I still believe a lot of people disliked the story because they were expecting something different which makes perfect sense given how the game was marketed, the previous game's direction and prior knowledge of the character's personnalities.

That being said without prior knowledge of the first game and on it's own merit I think TloU II would have been better received by those complaining.

In a way I think people that were able to enjoy it likely approached the story with a clean slate, to their own credit.

TFJWM28d ago

The people in Jackson don't know what Joel did other than Tommy and maybe Maria.

Axonometri29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Sick people with mental illness plague our planet. Love, Hate or Indifferent... no person should ever face threats or real violence. A Human Life will ALWAYS be infinitely more important than any Video Game. Grow up. (I do not like what they did with the game.) But I will defend every life at ND.

hulk_bash198729d ago

Its sad when some people don't have the mental or emotional maturity to separate a fictional piece of work from real life. Just accept that ND made a game that either you love or hate and move on. Death treats to the creators or actors is just pathetic.

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