PC Horizon: Zero Dawn gets surprise price hike on Steam [UK]

When Sony announced Horizon's PC release date on Friday, 3rd July, the game was priced £32.99 on Steam. But for some reason just this morning the price was raised by £7 to £39.99.

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mastaleep29d ago

Steam also reduced the price of this game in some countries. It may look tempting, but using VPN to bypass the local prices and getting games from countries where they are cheaper could lead to account ban. So don't do it.

Marquinho28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Must be the reason why it cost me USD 25 on Steam. The right price.

RazzerRedux28d ago

"The right price"

Based on demand.....not your opinion.

RazzerRedux28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Facts don't care about your feelings

Marquinho28d ago


Haha... Bro you really need to relax. ;)

RazzerRedux28d ago

You are the one who seems bothered, not me.

Marquinho27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I paid USD 25 for this game. I'm not bothered at all my friend.

Looks like every piece of opinion on 1st party software (or hardware) is considered as being feelings-attached, agenda driven... etc... This is repetitive, so I guess it's just the other way around. Some people just can't stand some sort of opinions and automatically react by saying such comments are carried by "feelings".

So this is my reasoning for my "controversial" 🙄 opinion: A 3.5 year old game shouldn't be full priced for me. It isn't even clear if it has some sort of meaningful improvement on PC (at least the trailer doesn't show off)... So yeah, I believe this game shouldn't cost more than USD30... and when I paid for it it felt just right.

When Sony starts releasing 1st party games on PC shortly after the console release (and I'd bet they will) I will be more than happy to pay full price for them, and enjoy the technical improvements over the PS5 version.

RazzerRedux27d ago

"A 3.5 year old game shouldn't be full priced for me"

Full price is $60. HZD is $50. The game remains on the top sellers list so that price tag seems to be acceptable to most. So yes, the "demand" for the game meets the price being asked which makes it the "right price". No idea why that suggestion bothered you so much which it clearly did and still does. Glad you got a good deal on a great game though.

Marquinho27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

That's a faulty analysis. Game isn't priced USD50 everywhere so you can't infer that's the ideal price. It will drop accordingly and will do soon. Also, there aren't other big releases around... the game is competing with Sea of Thieves lol.

If it was USD50 at launch in my region, as I've said in my previous post, I would've waited a few weeks until it drops. It will happen soon, so even more people's gonna be able to get it at the sweet spot price which is 30-40$ IMO. Sony's clearly taunting the terrain as it's their first. Games usually don't release with such a big price gap between regions. Actually, I think it's the first time I see it.

I appreciate a good debate. I just don't understand guys taking everything personal, and thinking it's the same for everyone else. Looks like it makes you feel better for not being the only ones taking trivial stuff so personal? I've seen you in (many) other posts and you clearly have a temper issue with everything Sony related.

Now please re-read this calmly and respond as it is... an opinion, not a personal attack. You're not a Sony stakeholder/developer/employee neither am I. =)

Update: Horizon is now #4 in sales on Steam... overtaken by... Sea of Thieves (a 2018 Xbox Game) and Halo the Masterchief Collection. Now that's impressive for MS titles.

Looks like time proved me right earlier than expected.

RazzerRedux27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"That's a faulty analysis. Game isn't priced USD50 everywhere so you can't infer that's the ideal price. It will drop accordingly and will do soon. "

None of the games on Steam are the same price everywhere. In some regions, Sea of Thieves is around $10 converted. I'm talking about the US which is the single largest market for Steam. Second biggest is UK and it is 40 pounds which converts to $50. No idea why Sony would drop the price when it is selling so well. That's silly.

"Also, there aren't other big releases around... the game is competing with Sea of Thieves lol." do realize these are preorders for HZD, right? It isn't coming out for another month.

"I just don't understand guys taking everything personal"

And right after this statement, you make it personal. Kind of hilarious.

"Update: Horizon is now #4 in sales on Steam... overtaken by... Sea of Thieves (a 2018 Xbox Game) and Halo the Masterchief Collection. Now that's impressive for MS titles."

MS games have been doing very well on Steam for some time. But, like I said, these games are out and available right now. HZD is not and yet it is still there.

What does that image prove again?

Marquinho27d ago

"What does that image prove again?"

You can't be serious.

RazzerRedux27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"You can't be serious."

What? The fact that Sea of Thieves and Halo:MCC are outselling HZD preorders? And? So?

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xTonyMontana28d ago

Can you do this (VPN trick) still while using your own credit card which is linked to your home country?

Marquinho27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I didn't do any trick =) ... it's priced $25 in my Steam Store.

Father__Merrin29d ago

It should be full price on pc. They should set it to £44.99

mixelon28d ago

.. why? It’s still an old game.

xer028d ago

Well it's an old game on PS Store... and you can buy it for £15.99.
Which is cheap -

On PC - it's a new game and should be priced as such 🙄

esemce28d ago

You can get the complete edition digitally US PS4 right now for £5.99.

Marquinho28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

If Sony is clever, they should release it at a reasonable price (USD30 or so)

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Still had development cost involved in porting it to PC. Plus, Steam is taking it's cut from Sony.

Not that I think it needs to be full price as this game has more than earned it's investment back($40 million stated production budget), but the PS4 release, and the PC release are not the same thing.

Anyhow, price will be set where they feel it will sell to projections based on said price, and they will try to maximize revenue. For $25, it's a pretty good deal still.

I guess I'm not really that into being on the consumer side this time on this. I recall being told I shouldn't think that an old game shouldn't be full price back with the 2nd tomb raider game released on PS4. Not that the PC crowd was doing that, but it made me lose any empathy for such things, and people can either buy it, or wait for a price drop instead of bitching about it for months, and making claims of anti-consumer practices like they are want to do.

Rimeskeem28d ago

Never stopped Nintendo lul

xTonyMontana28d ago

Honestly I don't mind paying full price for it and already double dipped and preordered, the price is worth it for me as I can experience it in ultra wide but a slight discount would have been nice, i bought it in PS Store sales for £12.99 for the complete edition.

jakmeup12328d ago

Some people really have corporations dicks in their mouth for some reason i dont think they realize sony making money dosent put money in their pockets. They are Trying to justify the price for an old ass game i bought for 20 dollars Canadian years ago.

Marquinho27d ago

Full price will be welcome when Sony starts releasing 1st party game alongside with the PC version... or on a closer date. Shouldn't take long for that to happen.

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Shiore2u28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Imagine being this assblasted over software and hardware daily

xer028d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The enthusiast PC master race, get ass blasted on upgrading hardware every year... $500 Graphics cards and processor upgrades for bleeding edge performance.

They always claim that the best experience is on PC:

- 4K gaming
- Max settings
- 120 FPS etc. etc.

A true member of the "master race" should be able to afford the game with no problems. They purchase games to be benchmark... not to enjoy. 😆😆

I've already enjoyed it on PS4 - where the best games are 😎

Shiore2u27d ago

Cringe. Delete account.

xer027d ago

@Shiore2u - I guess you must be the poor member of the PC master race.
Still rocking a GTX 970 and pushing 40FPS on 1080P 😆

You should get an Xbox series X - at least you'll be pushing 60 FPS 😆

Tacoboto28d ago

I bought the Complete Edition on disc for $9.99 new on Black Friday 2018, over 18 months ago. Sony's made plenty of money off this game that it's a budget Greatest Hits for them now.

If you agree with it being full price despite the same PS4 game being sold for 1/5th the price at times, then I'll assume you also feel that PC games should be more expensive than their console equivalents, and that Nintendo is perfectly fine still selling Breath of the Wild for a full $60. Because this is the same type of marketing mentality.

Christopher28d ago

Father__Merrin embracing the Nintendo dynamic.

cwhit12228d ago

Why would you want others to pay more for a game that was priced 7 bucks lower at first?

jakmeup12328d ago

the people in these comments are so worried about sonys pockets like you do know sony is making the money not you right? for some people who don't like to throw their money at random shit like me ill pick it up on a sale. and would've bought it at 30 CAD. Also i doubt the profit margin would even be bad at that price. Even if it was that shouldint matter to you.

Cmv3828d ago

When consoles get years old games that pc has had, often we get them cheaperthan regular 60 usd. Not sure of the point you're making.

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Mr Marvel28d ago

PC gamers should stop complaining and count themselves lucky they got this masterpiece at all.

MWH28d ago

let's face it, everybody complains about something.

King_Noctis28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Complaining? This is a legit issue. An old game which cost much lower on the PS4 shouldn’t cost that much higher on the PC.

Or do you have other explanations for that?

RazzerRedux28d ago

How is this an "issue" at all? You really think Sony is going to put one of its top exclusives on PC for cheap? That is silly. And if the price were too high then it wouldn't be selling, now would it? And yet, it is in the top 5 current steam best sellers. A mere $10 more than the nearly 6 year old Master Chief Collection which is at the top of the list. There is no issue. No one is forcing you to buy the game at that price.

boing128d ago

Entitled much? It's not an old game on PC.

Christopher28d ago

Same reason Bioshock, Borderlands 2, and other third-party games cost way more on Nintendo Switch.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I recall the Xbox crowd telling me that the 2nd tomb raider game was new to PS4 back after it was over a year old, and being sold for full price.

Explanation? does cost money to actually produce the game and publish it on PC. It's not like they just hit a port code button and called it good. On top of that, PC hardware testing is kind of a pain. Steam takes a 30% cut of the sale. There is marketing costs for the PC port. So on and so forth. It's not like the PS4 version, which basically just gets reprinted, or sits on a digital store front for years and they reduce the price to try and make a few more sales.

But, if you want the real explanation.

Here is a real world truth that everyone should know.

Publishers do focus testing to decide what something will sell at. They found that whatever price they have is what they feel will sell enough without pricing it out of the market. They may make more sales if it were cheaper, but when a new game releases, publishers maximize revenue by selling it at the highest price vs what they think it will sell, and that, in theory, gives them the most money the quickest.

For those that don't want to pay that price, they'll drop it eventually, then pick up those people, continuing the revenue stream, but not losing anything in the process.

Real world. Doesn't matter what we think is right or wrong, or what we ignore for what it costs to publish a game.

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Father__Merrin28d ago

Goto humble bundle indiegala or fanatical youl never find anything as good as horizon zero dawn

Tacoboto28d ago

Why would anybody count themselves "lucky" that a multi-billion dollar corporation is deciding to extend support to their platform? People should be thankful they're being asked full-priced for something Sony thought was worth only $9.99 two holidays ago?

It's one of the best games of the generation, but it's lame that they are charging full price for something that they themselves have sold for less than the cost of a sandwich from a locally-owned restaurant.

ocelot0728d ago

You know they had to put in work developing the pc version right? I'm certain they didn't just take the PS4 version add keybored and mouse and Xbox controller support and throw it on steam. No they most likely had to recode the game. Add higher detail to the graphics, add support for all resolutions. Test and see how it runs on on many different pc setups.

It's not even full price. Full price is $60. They are giving you a excellent game with with tons of improvements for less than $40. Yer it's 3 years old on another platform. But pc players are getting a much better version. It's a game with many hours worth of gameplay. It's a title pc only owners didn't expect to play without dishing out a couple hundred on a console.

Tacoboto28d ago

Death Stranding is a 2019 game for $60 and HZD is early-2017 for $50. Any improvements to the engine are beneficial to PS5 and future developments.

You're not going to convince me that a 3.5 year old game sold for as little as *their Steam price difference* is worth *five times that Steam price difference*. If the game was actually $40, ok, fair point. But it's not

Giblet_Head28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"masterpiece" LMAO.
Get a load of this voice acting and clumsy facial animation Bethesda, you've got a challenger.

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DrDeath28d ago

Anyone saying it should be the same price as ps4 is hilarious its a new game to PC and it will be one of the top 5 games available on the platform.

Dont like it? Us ps4 guys paid 80$. The game still holds up as top 5 today.

Pay the price of admisision or go back to playing WoW

boing128d ago

It's super clever. Do you want to continue her story? Buy PS5.

Imalwaysright28d ago

You must be mistaking PC gamers with console gamers.

boing128d ago

Not really. What Sony is really doing is, it's letting PC players taste the forbidden fruit. And we all know how that story ended.

Atticus_finch28d ago

So if you like HZD on PC you wouldn't be tempted to play it on Ps5. You make no sense, nothing new I guess.

Atticus_finch28d ago

Giving PC gamers a taste of greatness so they buy a ps5 is one of the best moves Sony has made this Gen.