The Three Best (and Worst) Games of June 2020

June 2020 has featured some of the best and worst games of the year so far, but how does each game compare against all the games of the month?

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anonymousfan33d ago

Funny according to comments on this site it sounds like TloU II should make both lists

gigzamillion33d ago

According to some comments from certain people. Looks like cogconnected has it on the only list it should be on.

Pickledpepper33d ago

Tlou2 was fun to start but got very tedious and a chore around 8hrs in.
I've got to the part where you play as Abby and lost all interest.

outsider162433d ago

Keep going bro. I was like the same as you. oh and the best parts are surprisingly with abby.

execution1733d ago

Same and holy crap some of her segments were pretty damn tense and crazy