Why The Last Of Us Part II's Ending Was Perfect

Players around the world have been circulating discourse online about this thought-provoking game. From its themes to heart-wrenching scenes, it's no secret that this game is a masterpiece, but can the same be said about its ending? Does it open possibilities of a third installment?

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Battlestar2340d ago

Revenge never solves anything it just brings more pain and more death.

gerbintosh40d ago

Seems to have solved everything for Abby so..

Battlestar2340d ago

Not really she felt guilt for what she did and the pain of losing her father didn't go away but also her revenge got all her friends killed. It's also the reason why she is protective of Lev as it is her way of redeeming herself for killing Joel. When Yara asked Abby why she was helping them she said it was for herself. So no revenge didn't solve anything for Abby.

Game-ur40d ago


nice take , but it's not part of the story told, you are rationalizing. that's one big issue with the narrative.

LG_Fox_Brazil40d ago

Evey time I watch a movie, read a book, play a game or listen to a song I rationalize about it... You know, the great stories are the ones who force you to do that inside a believable and mostly solid plot, which TLOU2 had.

If you are not rationalizing about a movie, book, game, song you are either consuming something that is already chewed out for a massive public, like summer blockbusters where you leave the brain out of the room or... well... or you are just too lazy to do it

derek40d ago

No, nobody who actually played the game would come away thinking Abby paid no price for getting her revenge.

outsider162440d ago

"Seems to have solved everything for Abby so.."

Another example of not playing the game. Maybe you just watched it and went oh Abby's happy now.

I think it's about time you guys just quit it.

Sunny1234540d ago

Yup. It got all her friends killed. Revenge begets revenge.

gamer780439d ago

yah exactly, one character learns the age old lesson, the other one gets exactly what she wants in the end, revenge and the boy saved...

imtiyaz639d ago

Yeah Abby was perfectly fine with losing her friends (including a pregnant woman, her lover, being starved and tortured for months (probably even raped). It all turned out perfectly well for Abby. Next time play a game before talking about it.

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Phantom6840d ago

People think she just changed her mind at the last minute due to a flashback. I believe Ellie was conflicted about revenge. against Abby, not at the beginning but later on. This is why she attempted to let go and live a life at the farm. She understood that Joel had caused pain to Abby and was willing to let go given Joel had killed Abby's dad. However, she was struggling with mental issues and she thought by finding Abby she would finally resolve those issues. When she finds Abby, tied to a pillar, emaciated, having being tortured, having lost a lot of weight she, exhausted herself about the violence, decided to free Abby. At the beach, it was only a flashback of Joel death that triggers her to fight Abby and a flashback of Joel before he died also is what it takes to make her realize that enough is enough, the cycle of violence has to end. It is irrelevant if that is what Joel wanted as it is what Ellie wanted. To kill Abby would have achieved nothing and left the little kid alone. People oversimply feelings and think life is black and white whereas it is not. There are so many shades of grey that it is impossible to look at a situation and be 100% sure of what the correct course of action should be. This game is about empathy, about understanding there are 2 faces to a medal. There are really no there's or villains here as at the beginning you are lead to believe Abby is the villain and in the end, you fell Elli is the villain.

gerbintosh40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It would be one thing if Abby's dad was just passing along and Joel randomly killed him however Joel killed Abby's dad to save Ellie. Joel saved Ellie's life and now the person who killed him gets to get away? Makes no sense. It would have been a better story for Abby to kill Joel and then find out her dad was planning on killing Ellie and that is why he died. Hell, Abby apologizing, begging for her life, and explaining that she didn't know her dad was trying to kill Ellie and then Ellie choosing to forgive her would have been a better ending.

GamingSinceForever40d ago

What made Joel look bad is that he killed an unarmed man. We understood that he felt the need to save Ellie, but he went about it brutally, which is why Abby felt so angry.

I thought the story was great.

outsider162440d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Oh you're right about that. But i felt joel should have those unarmed, harmless doctor in the leg or something. But that didn't happen. In Tlou1 story it showed us Joel killed him.

sci4me40d ago

@ Outsider - that was one thing of the game i couldnt rationalise. Up to that moment i could put myself in Joels shoes but that part felt unnecessary an extreme for his character, killing unarmed ppl in cold blood. I remember myself just sitting there waiting for another possible action to progress the game.

Game-ur40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

those conflicting flashbacks at that moment make no sense. in game time Ellie had months to contemplate everything. there is no narrative trigger to these flashbacks. just forced in to manipulate the audience. the character didn't go through real growth.

also you are saying that if Abby wasn't broken then Ellie wouldn't have changed. then that means her redemption wasn't real. just another forced plot shift.

TheEnigma31340d ago

Let’s get a go fund me so you can get your $60 back. You’re clearly still butt hurt on every article.

Redemption-6440d ago

I truly feel sorry for you. This game has seriously consumed you

outsider162440d ago


He probably didn't even buy it. If he did then yeah, he should've definitely get his refund. He's still hurt he didnt get his revenge.

rainslacker39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

So....if I understand you correctly.....what you're saying is you aren't capable of connecting various disclosed character development points, or plot revelations to be able to figure out what's going on?

I mean, i'd think after everyone has explained all these things to you, in detail at times, you would have gotten it, yet here you are, continuously showing that you are incapable of a modicum of logical thought, or even a slight ability to learn anything when new information is presented.

Must be fun living in your mind.

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derek40d ago

Though it went on too long after the first farm scene, Ellie was clearly looking for internal peace in killing Abby, but was conflicted as she had come to understand that killing Abby wouldn't give her what she wanted.

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Shezgear40d ago

The doc shoulve had a bigger role in part 1. Back then I thought he was just a NPC. Kinda like the medic in mgsv gz.

warriorcase40d ago

I think that's sort of a point/theme in 2 though. Joel (us) saw him as just an NPC, an object between us and saving Ellie. 2 attempts to show the easy dismissal of what we cobsider enemies in order to reach our personal goals and objectives. Kinda makes sense.

Shezgear40d ago

They could've just made Abby darker and Marlenes sister or something. Maybe Nora instead of Abby. What about the other doctor? He was a nobody then?

warriorcase39d ago

Which other doctor?

Shezgear39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@warriorcase There are like 3 doctors in that room in TLOU 1.. I killed all of them..
Druckman said he was inspired by MGS2. Won't be surprised if he was inspired by MGSV too. Doc and Medic.

warriorcase39d ago

The other 2 were probably nurses or staff trained to be surgical assistance. Abby's farther is a Neuro surgeon which added much more weight and importance. They needed to tie the story to a guaranteed kill to make it work as you're not forced to kill the other 2 in the room.

It could of worked with Marlene's sister angle too, but ultimately would ve the same story anyway of family dying and revenege. Plus I don't think it would hold the same narrative weight as one of the few piving Neuro surgeons.

The MGS2 reference he says was misdirection in interviews and trailers to suprise players. In the original MGS2 pre-relese all gamplay showed playing as Snake.

Shezgear39d ago

@warriorcase nurses* I guess. But I killed them all. They were 3 in that room.

warriorcase39d ago


But you're not forced too so if they wrote in all 3 killed have family that seek revenge then it would have been a break in continuity for those that let them live. Besides, in the flashback in part 2 we see the dead doctor (Abby's dad) as we were forced to kill him in 1 and then it never shows the other 2 after that, so you could reason they are alive or dead. All we see is Joel puck Ellie off the table and back put of the room.

Regardless is it was 1, 3, 5 medical staff in that room. It was the doctors daughter written in to seek revenge. Perhaps the other 2 in the room were left alive or died (in your case) and had no family or a loved one with the drive for vengence.

rainslacker39d ago

Using Marlene's sister wouldn't have worked. You were supposed to take Abby as a new character, with no connection to the first game. No one that played the first game connected with the doctor. He had 2-3 lines of dialogue. People had already formed opinions about Marlene, which would have translated to her sister.

The game wanted you to hate Abby at first. This was planned to have you want to feel the way Ellie did. You weren't supposed to know her motivations, even though it was obviously revenge. You were supposed to think she was just some person that Joel had wronged in his possible distant past that was mentioned several times in the first game.

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rainslacker39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

He probably was in a throwaway NPC in the first game. They expanded his role for the 2nd game, but it works for what they wanted to do with the second game.

It was pretty well implied that Ellie hadn't consented, or given the operation to the operation in the first game. Otherwise, she would have known for sure Joel was lying. Marlene never disclosed the exact conversation she had with the doctor to Joel, just told him it was necessary. She was just another obstacle in his way, and if she hadn't tried to stop in the parking garage, he wouldn't have shot her.

I think he could have subdued the doctor without shooting him, but it is what it is and some people may be over analyzing that scene....although I have seen that topic broached well before this game was even announced.

I don't think the doctor really needed a bigger role in the first game. It wasn't really that important to the overall story, and may have added a plot point that was counter to what the game was trying to achieve at a time it was coming to a climax. Marlene's exposition at that point was enough to convey the jist of it.

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