PS5 Games REALLY Cost $69 USD Each? Xbox 20/20 July Event: 60 new game demos

Jason Haywood from RGN's Reviews team picks up the mic for the first time with Jon Iro as they discuss the different challenges PS5 and Xbox Series X will face rolling out new consoles in modern times as well as the potential for a price increase on games.

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L7CHAPEL1177d ago

been saying this since the middle of the current generation, and not to try and stir up a bunch of shit, it's just a fact.
these huge single player games AAA productions that have been $60 for 15 years plus is coming to an end.
nobody wants microtransactions
( I understand that) nobody wants DLC they have to pay for/ cosmetics, and they don't want to pay for season passes as well.
fact is, game production has gotten so ridiculously expensive it's just no longer a sustainable realistic model,
to think you're going to get some of these great story-driven only games, particularly ones with RPG depth for $60, it's just not going to stay that way.
they've got to find a way to fund these things, some of your really big Blockbusters, the advertising and marketing budget alone can be up to 50 to 75% sometimes even greater of the budget for actually developing the game itself...
I think the loot box shit is going to get crushed, people just aren't going in that direction. I've just don't ever find it done well enough that I accept a situation where I'm paying for that, but microtransactions in the form of cosmetics only/ weapon skins apparel things like that you're just not going to see that ever go away.
now I do hope they come up with, at some point a more unified standard of what is acceptable practices sales wise, to include in a game you're already paying for though...

getting a little tired of seeing the egregious free to play charging system, on games that you already have to pay for.

marioJP871177d ago

Well and thoughtfully said.

Gaming1011177d ago

What you're failing to see is the games industry today isn't even close to what it was back in the days of the PS1, 2 and even 3, we're seeing microtransactions carry the games as a service business model into new heights of profitability. This utter nonsense that gaming isn't sustainable at 60 bucks US (80 Canadian) is ridiculous. Try looking at the profits gaming companies rake in. Gaming is 3.5 times the size of all movies and music industries combined. This is not a dying medium, and definitely not unsustainable, regardless of what greedy executives say.

MetalGearsofWar1177d ago

I think the loot box/ f2p system is here to stay. Online subscription, paid cosmetics, 70 dollar unfinished games, ect.

Companies will only charge what you're willing to pay. You keep that loyalty up, maybe you'll get a free PSN avatar.

ForwardDude1177d ago

Games at 70$ will still have DLC, season pass and microtransaction. I think the 10$ extra is only because it's more expensive to produce game at 4k. Charging more upfront will not make anyone save money ever.

1Victor1177d ago

Games aren’t like baking price of pixels don’t go up it cost the same to do a 1080p as to do a 4K the only difference is the salary of the employees and how big the extra money the company executives bonus is going to get at the end of the day.

RosweeSon1177d ago

It costs us more money to receive the 4K who’s paying for that. So we’re paying for the 4K tellys the electric the broadband the console and hopefully a game. Oh and a yearly subscription 😑😅😂 and £70 a game don’t think so. I’d pay it for GTA6 or top top games not yearly dribble that’ll be 70% off within 6-9 months and replaced with the latest one.

Gamble201177d ago

It’s as simple as inflation really. $69 today is roughly equivalent to $49 in the year the PS2 launched. It’s actually cheaper inflation adjusted than the last jump to $59 in 2006. We should not be surprised. The DLC/collectors editions etc are the only reason the base price was not increased this last gen. 15 years is a long time to charge the same base price.

1Victor1177d ago

Inflation got nothing to do with it as the industry of today is not the same size of 10-20 years ago when a game had to do 800K to a million sales to be profitable now you got games that do 2-3 millions on the first week or more in the case of 3rd party even more

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RosweeSon1177d ago

I get it but I don’t agree Top AAA games sell 5 million+ at £40 a pop (when RRP and digital stores are charging nearer £50/60) but we’ll say £40 x 5 million is £200 million that’s budgets covered. Now when you think top games sell 10 million plus that’s £400,000,000 ie most Nintendo games clear 10 million some 15 that’s £600,000,000 yeah they ain’t making no money, maybe not the good ones ea Ubisoft etc who not only make billions through Micro transacstions and season passes each and every year they also have a full priced sequel more often than not year after year. They making money. Specially once those yearly ones been made at the start of a gen it’s all cut and paste from there.

I’ll let you work out what sort of money 100+ million GTA has made on the sales alone even with massive discounts that game has made millions then the shark cards on top which I don’t agree with but they not forced and you can play and buy anything and everything in the game just gotta put the time in I mean not like it’s been out all gen 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 these games make money tho and just because a yearly churn wanna try £70 doesn’t mean the others are gonna even try it let alone get away with as absolutely the last type of games getting full price day1 are the fifas assassins nba 2k etc hell no. They making billions hence they keep pumping them out

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gigzamillion1177d ago

I like how the title singles out PS5 as if the games wont cost the same on both consoles, lol.

RpgSama1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Not only they single out the PS5 for something that is going to happen to both next gen consoles, but in the same title they praise the Xbox 20/20 July event with 60 new game game demos.

Loktai1177d ago

How dare you accuse gentle "realgamernewz.com" of a misdeed!

aconnellan1177d ago

I mean it’s a podcast that discusses multiple topics, not an article focused on one topic, so that makes sense. I don’t think it was done maliciously.

That said, good call on singling out the ‘PS5 pricing’. Of course it’s going to be the same price for both consoles

RpgSama1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )


I 100% agree that they can talk about different topics, but it does look strange for them to single out one of the consoles for something that is going to happen to both in the same podcast where they praise the other one for something good, which means it was not a PlayStation centric podcast which would be the only reason to single it out for the price hike.

RosweeSon1177d ago

Well Xbox don’t release games so 🤷🏻‍♂️😜 😜✌🏻😂

L7CHAPEL1176d ago

yeah, I can certainly agree.
with game pass I'm playing a lot of stuff for free🕊️
✌️😜👍 🖖😉🤳 🧏 🤸

russo1211176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

We pay already in Europe 69.99€. If prices increases, it's time to go exclusively to a pc games player.

Skate-AK1177d ago

I would pay $70 if there were absolutely no microtransactions or crazy lootbox rarity percentages.

Dwarrior1177d ago

Don’t kid yourself man. It’ll be $70 plus all the same stuff we have today.

Skate-AK1177d ago

No doubt it will be. I was just speaking generally.

sourOG1177d ago

Next gen is not doing launch buys unless it’s something I’m really waiting for. I’m going to wait for the complete edition on sale. It doesn’t even take a year most of the time.

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